“Skip to My Lou/African Drums and Louisiana Folk Songs”Music Residency 2010

Playaz and Playettes Inc. 2010 “Skip to My Lou/ African Drums and Louisiana Folk Songs” Artist Residency high lights. Ron Hardy lead artist.

Some South African liberation songs are violently racist

Some of the liberation songs of South Africa call for the killing of Whites.
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15 comments to “Skip to My Lou/African Drums and Louisiana Folk Songs”Music Residency 2010

  • Ron Hardy  says:

    Thanks Steph……

    You are in training now and will also do great things that are? GOD inspired through your works…KEEP the FAITH


  • MadeYaLook2009  says:

    awesome!! I’m so proud to know you Ron. I am sorry I havent been in touch. Alot of great things that you and God alone inspired have come about…I will be in touch soon Love u ? ~Stephanie

  • spykerhond .  says:

    not kill the boer, not kiss the boer, but fuck the boer until it appreciates Africa and Africans ! Race hate seems to be normal in a place like Pretoria .?

  • Cirusvirus highveldlion  says:

    I dont know were you came from but you need to get your facts straight go on the internet and type in death toll during apartheid and sees if it were millions you are a fucking dumbass if? you think it was millions what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • abukamoon  says:

    Mandela is a Communist and a terrorists. That’s why our politicians and the? media love him.

  • Zack H  says:

    Go drink your moonshine and? chew your tobacco you racist SOB!

  • JUDALATION  says:

    Tough… I hear the same shit against blacks? in Europe…

  • bellapage666  says:

    I agree ! ?

  • camdengreen  says:

    “Millions of Africans”? More Whites have been murdered in South Africa since the end of Apartheid, about 38 thousand, then were killed by authorities during the whole of White rule, by a factor of ten! But don’t let mere facts get in the way? of your propaganda.

    Those songs are calling for violent attacks against Whites, and people are dying now as a result — 17 years after the end of Apartheid.

  • phantomsuccour  says:

    The Boers are just using any excuse to try to gain support for a return to apartheid and that won’t happen. The good thing is that countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and US are looking for immigrants and so they can go over there. Also remember this is mainly their fault because the poisoned the country so much that idiots like Malema are still listened to because any black person remembers their relatives being hunted by? the boers like animals.

  • phantomsuccour  says:

    actually those millions who left just felt bad that they didn’t have an apartheid government anymore and therefore no longer felt the new South Africa belonged to them as it now included non whites. There is a crime problem in South Africa which is affecting all citizens, actually blacks suffer from it much more than whites. That should be solved, obviously farmers that live in sparsely populated areas are a target and that’s not? good but it’s hardly a genocide.

  • camdengreen  says:

    Look, friend, Apartheid ended in 1994. Whatever was good or bad under White rule, the fact is that thousands of Blacks from all over Sub-Saharan Africa tried to crash its borders to get in.

    What I get from your post is that you want to pour on endless guilt about what happened under Apartheid. That is not going to in any way help the present situation, where over 3,700 White? farmers have been murdered and Whites are so terrorized that over a million have left the country.

  • phantomsuccour  says:

    whites murdered plenty of blacks and terorrised them. People are happy that they have true freedom, you don’t have to have apermit just to go from one part? of the country to another. Apartheid was shit and thankfully it is dead!! You can wish for it’s return but it won’t happen and your best hope for living in a country with such a policy is certainly not in Africa, go to Russia or some Eastern European country.

  • camdengreen  says:

    Only in your phantasies and imagination. Far more White people have been? murdered in post Apartheid South Africa, about 38-40,000, then were Blacks murdered by Whites during the entire time of White rule.

    In addition under Apartheid, more Blacks received university degrees than in the whole of the rest of Sub Saharan Africa combined. They also received better medical care than any other country in all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • phantomsuccour  says:

    And white Boers went to church and thanked God for helping them murder millions of Africans. This video is propaganda, the songs are? liberation songs against tyrants.

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