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23 comments to Samburu Ethnic Music

  • Sean Smurfy  says:

    All of old traditional music everywhere on this planet today is proper
    because it has already stood the test of time till now and still carries
    on. Music itself translates into every language and speaks to anyone who
    will stop and listen. I’m currently not African in this life, I probably
    have other lives as African in what you may call past or future lives(if ye
    even believe in that sort o’ thing). My point is, being Irish has nothing
    to do with me listening to music, no matter from where or when that music
    is, so long as I keep it that way for I can if I wanted to, have prejudices
    against certain types of music for whatever reason I choose to do so.
    Depending on who your personality is, and what kind of music you like, I
    imagine most would agree, that after complete silence, music itself never
    gets old.?

  • Fernando Aznar García  says:

    100% natural 0% adultrants?

  • Jeckalbano  says:

    Muito Ferah!!! Maravilhosa cultura africana…

  • HubrisNemesisRebirth  says:

    @RAYJENKTY Do have fun then; funny you are commenting on this page despite
    all your prejudices;

  • s3ksee  says:

    This is powerful music… I’m not even African; I’m Filipino and this music
    “speaks” to me.

  • ongoiba1  says:

    But what will you give to Africa in exchange? you always take,rape,destroy
    Africa; take,take,take when you don’t give a fuck about Africans!!!

  • HubrisNemesisRebirth  says:

    @davidvanbilderbeek really? you are making a house track with this? I am a
    great lover of house music. Please do share when you are done

  • trebuh95  says:

    Samburu huru ru ru ! Aja na na jaaaaeeee ooouuhhhooouu rijana bana uga duga

  • Tommy Loeland  says:

    It is called . greatness

  • Susanna-Cole King  says:

    Magnificent! Is this perchance available for download or purchase anywhere?

  • SimonKinland  says:


  • Shane Frost  says:

    i have been searching for this something that sounds like for a long time
    so beutiful

  • ongoiba1  says:

    I think you have an inferiority complex may “god” help you

  • 1root  says:

    @HubrisNemesisRebirth i made a house song out of this. maybe i ruined it…
    listen for yourself: soundcloud/1root/einweghelm

  • simbakafiri  says:

    naturaly beautiful people…

  • zhonni  says:

    Wow, I am from the Kalabari tribe/ethnic group of Kalabari and have never
    heard of these people before but I pick up what sounds strikingly like
    Kalabari and it makes sense. The ladies part: I don’t understand the lead
    but the chorus said something to the effect of “come keep me[safe], my
    Father God. Not sure that is what it means but this is scary in an exiting
    way(weird) that another group would speak so closely. I will have to let
    another listen and judge.

  • GillBilly98  says:

    @RAYJENKTY Imagine how many people – now that you’ve made all those
    unnecessary comments – think you are utterly useless yourself.

  • SuperMikeBeat  says:

    Thx for posting that! I am African, and a Beatmaker, it will help me a lot!

  • David van Bilderbeek  says:

    Perfect vocal for a tech house track! Thanks! 😀

  • Lolosguy  says:

    I would so like to know what they say in this song…

  • Job Thako  says:

    Hi there, i would like to use this clip for my production. how do i pay?
    please email me at jobthako@gmail.com

  • Phyllman  says:

    @HubrisNemesisRebirth Thanks! Live people singing by soul. Not

  • MagicalSunrise1984  says:

    beautiful! i’d also like to know what is it they sing

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