Royalty Free Music – Filther – Reach The Sun

Royalty Free Music - Filther - Reach The Sun

Artist: Filther Track: Reach The Sun Download: Licence: AudioPad Twitter: Note: If the licence is different to the licence shown at the download link, then the licence HERE applies, as an arrangement with the artist has been made to distribute music through AudioPad.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kpop Music Mondays - Big Bang

For more, go to: Vote on Facebook: On Twitter: This week we review Big Bang’s “Love Song” for Kpop Music Mondays and try to figure out the dream within the dream within the dream. This is a dream sequence, isn’t it? If not, then we have no clue what’s happening. It’s a pretty video, though! –The Showdown– Big Bang’s Love Song – Rain’s Love Song – –Translated by– [??] Enjoy Your Happy Life~*:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 comments to Royalty Free Music – Filther – Reach The Sun

  • Torsten Power  says:

    Hey can i use this in a? trailer for a game im making?

  • Charles Schultz  says:

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  • HEVGaming  says:

    So if i make video with this, do I have to put these Artist: Track: etc things to description?? How about in monetized videos?

  • djcasestudies  says:

    I really? like this…

  • AudioPad  says:


  • sage mode  says:

    can you use these songs on? videos that are monetized?

  • Ole Hendrix  says:

    the? music

  • Ole Hendrix  says:

    i cant? download

  • tajayfoot1  says:

    best youtube commercail fucking ever.?

  • SDFIREGTA2012  says:

    exelent music!!!!!?

  • dehebnoggeennaam klaas  says:

    ja klopt maar weet niet of dit kanaal? ook nederlands kan lezen.

  • Krishma S  says:

    No it was. Look for the? bts 🙂

  • KamikazekaitoKoki  says:

    no it wasnt? 0.o

  • megmeg190  says:

    lol uh? rain!

  • Doublehouse2004  says:

    RAIN ROCKS! Like Big? Bang can’t not even be compared to Rain. Big Bang are still babies.

  • Vyl po  says:

    She? is so cute when she says “shut up”

  • KagomeHHaruhiF  says:

    I wonder if Big Bang has ever seen their videos? If I know them in? the future, I wonder if I should show them?^o^

  • 323Felicity  says:

    ~wah~ I wish Top would go around? pouring water over his head for real…

  • KagomeHHaruhiF  says:

    Yeah, they explained the video to be ‘memories of their? lover who died in a car crash’

  • BECH PLEZ  says:

    What? suprised that eatyourkimchi did not get the meaning of the video. THE video really does have a CHOCK FULL OF SYMBOLISM. it is somewhat the sequel for the my heaven music video of bigbang. The guy is mourning over the Death of his lover on the car crash, the reason why there is an explosion of a? car in the end.

  • M.K Doreschild-Outland  says:

    Swift like.
    -M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre? fiction)

  • bassistsunite2nite  says:

    like what they? changed the tape to on the remote… much better haha

  • Anai Hernandez  says:

    Yay? ?BIG BANG?!!!!!!!!!!! VIP FO LIFE!!!!!

  • gracearlis  says:

    Martina gurl u crazy, TOP is calling, emailing me. Not? u!

  • spinnever  says:

    technically if you don’t count? “I” twice its still seven english words…. ok i’ll go now…

  • EKOlife37  says:

    the plot of the video is explained in the? BTS, you can find it subbed on yt

  • Karen Tong  says:

    It is because the second half of the video is mirrored. As u can see? the position of the accessory which is on top’s suit is changed

  • starglare59801  says:

    it took forever to take

  • brodover  says:

    lol! playing the bing bong? bell and dancing like a birdie!

  • chirese387  says:

    at least the arm spinning and..yeah?

  • chirese387  says:

    Let’s just say the horse? dance was out before Gangnam Style, soooo..just small fact

  • Thanh Nguy?n  says:

    Anytime Martina talks about TOP…. Simon will … i don’t know how to explain. He just gives Martina some things? to drink…kakaka…..thats nice

  • mayole99  says:

    I just realized this,? Love Song is the aftermath of YG Smoke of A Devil.

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