Pop music is more popular for people or rock music?

Question by Kylie: Pop music is more popular for people or rock music?
And why they always want to dress up like a rock star when they listening to pop music? That’s so strange!

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Answer by Chaaaz
Does it matter? People can listen to whatever they like.

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5 comments to Pop music is more popular for people or rock music?

  • Navya Mohandas  says:

    Pop is more popular. Look at Miley…
    -Navss 🙂

  • Last Farewell  says:

    Yes, weird isn’t it? I think that 21st century teens, children and adults are more familiar with pop these days. The dress up like rock stars because it’s “cool” and “hot”, when it obviously doesn’t go together. Pop is hugely listened to all over the world, due to stars like Michael Jackson, Rihanna…Etc… It’s just the trend of this time. They’re just putting two trends together – music and fashion. Remember when it was the ’70’s? Everyone danced to disco and had go-go suits and high heel boots on. This is just another Era, it’s soon be washed over and dyed a new colour!

  • killer peaches bored tyrant 313  says:

    well its better if you fuck off from here

  • Sasuke Uchiha  says:

    Pop is more popular,you see that’s because the general public usually likes to listen to catchy,hooky tunes only for the sake of entertainment.Among the true music lovers,Rock has always been much more popular.And for dressing,I think kids just wear whatever they think is cool,they’re not concerned with what it signifies or relates to.

  • The Narrator  says:

    pop music fans of artists like lady gaga and katy perry are to me called ”Suckers” for they have been snapped up by the overcommercialising music companies. there are so many more awesome bands hidden beneath this commercialised, mainstream crap! learn to think for yourself!

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