Philippine Tribal Music and Dance – Maranao and Bilaan National Minorities (NAMCYA – 2009)

Ethnic music and dance are one and usually inseparable in the traditions of the different tribes that populated the Philippine Islands (7000 more or less) s…
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20 comments to Philippine Tribal Music and Dance – Maranao and Bilaan National Minorities (NAMCYA – 2009)

  • Malaya O  says:

    this is the best not the watered down wannabe spanish crap….this is who
    we are

  • nicole josh  says:


  • chrischoy1  says:

    horray to our SPA Sta. Filomena STUDENT…Ean and Monette Doplon….

  • Lalitamusic  says:

    Another terrific submission of the South Philippines Ethnic music Enzo.
    Beautiful graceful children and very interesting presentation. I enjoyed
    this as much as I did your previous submission of the same group. Thanks
    for sharing this with us all. Love Lalita

  • clydeG  says:

    nice job kids. ang galing ng performance nyo.

  • vivian2nana  says:

    Wonderful video! I especially like the dancing and singing of the children.

  • KUREI ALKREIL  says:

    all muslim culture… of muslim have are almost thesame…. but having
    different names…. for maranao(people of lake)… singkil…. for
    tausug(people of current) it is pangalay…. for magundanao(people f
    flooded plain)… kappa sa malung…. for sinama(the sea fearer) igal
    igal… for yakan(half blooded)….. pangunjalay….. it is base in their
    ancestor as an and islamic heritage…..

  • Ceasar Nimor  says:

    I love watching these B’laan kids

  • alinorpansar  says:

    pangit man yan . .in every beat that you possess there is meaning . .kya u
    do not knw it in real sense . .

  • tarantula528  says:

    i love watching ds young artists playing native instruments! keep up d good

  • ???? simantoriver  says:

    (?^?^)o?? Nice

  • chica476  says:

    Muslim, rather Islam, is NOT an ethnic group!

  • abhikmazumder  says:

    Really enjoyed this! Such a well-done presentation.

  • mayah madrigal  says:


  • Gerard Carter  says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Stephen and Enzo. It’s important to keep early
    authentic Filipino traditions alive and to preserve these on YouTube.

  • bryan ed  says:

    ahh!!!! ok ganun po b?? kasi sabi ng director namin, bawal tumugrog ang
    babae ng gong eh!!!!! kaya un, hindi nakakatugtog ung babae samin kahit
    gusto nila

  • Souhailie amer  says:

    @xy7n7e7rz saming mga muslim traditional namin yan babae man o lalaki pwede
    dahil yan ang tradition namin bago pa dumating ang mga kastila para gawing
    kristianismo ang muslim state ng pilipinas traditional na yan sa pilipinas
    kasali na jan ang saimanok kung saan kilala ang mga maranao

  • kate charlle zablan  says:

    thanks for this song 🙂 it really helped us in our exam in P.E. 🙂

  • bryan ed  says:

    tanung ko lang po hindi po ba bwal tumugtog ng gong ang mga babae????

  • kirammark  says:

    thanks for sharing your video. it shows that mindanaons are indeed talented.

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