Omukwano by Samalie Matovu @ Afroberliner ugandan African music

Omukwano by Samalie Matovu -Enjoy another HD release from uganda
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Phenomenon music from Nigerian Artist Frank Edwards. This is Track 05 – You Too Dey Bless Me from his Album “The Definition”. Comment, rate, subscribe. Enjoy.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

19 comments to Omukwano by Samalie Matovu @ Afroberliner ugandan African music

  • rogerman30  says:

    Nice song. keep up the good msg.

  • MrMuyanja  says:


  • kitssss01  says:

    now for ever and ever love song

  • MegaMetali  says:

    true dat…

  • benz6573  says:

    this found my marriage at verge of collapse i played it from morning to evening on Sunday evening, sanity returned. Giv us more!

  • mr979294ki  says:

    ha samalie thanx mammy its real good

  • onelove26ful  says:

    real nyc song keep it up…kitufu….

  • RehmaYiga  says:

    This z t… hmm..
    Nkawereza mwami wange…. yonna gyoli

  • sseguyadavid  says:

    In fact of the living God all people will have some thing to say about this song coz it must have happened to every one on planet Earth.Samalie you did this for me and my Heaven Peace.

  • babadi22  says:

    i lov this song its realy nice and wat its about, its true!!!

  • 23rdAug82  says:

    Samali!!! You did justice to this song, to the subject “Omukwano”. I’m sure millions will take lessons from your piece. I love it, i swear in the name of God. You must be the sweetest most understanding wife/lady the planets’ got… the fact that u came up with such a piece. That dress in the video, wow. Overall, the song is a darling.

  • habby256  says:

    hhhmmmm lol..!!!!!!!!!

  • habby256  says:

    @afroberliner soooooo tru indeed….:)

  • shamirah256  says:

    Gumyumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ngabennungu tebaliwoooooooooooo ebintuuuuuuuu ebyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • afroberliner  says:

    @habby256 and soo true..

  • walemeoh  says:

    I love this song and I have played it countless times.

  • victordajesusfreak  says:

    Franky boy, you dey make Naija proud. God go dey bless you!

  • enenose  says:

    He is really Blessing. Thank you God for everything. Am Blessed!!

  • rosa123457  says:

    GOD is so good to us i can stay a day with out plating this song becos the word works

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