Nice African Music photos

A few nice african music images I found:

Dancers—La Tumba Francesca Pompadour—Guantanamo, Cuba
african music
Image by jackwickes
"La Tumba Francesa, is a traditional cultural dance, song, and drumming style that emerged in Oriente, Cuba by Haitian black slaves who were resettled in the island’s eastern regions following the unrest in Haiti during the 1790s. The tumba francesa combines music from West Africa and traditional French music. "Tumba" derives from tambours, which is French for drums. It is one of several Haitian drumming styles that produces a very vibrant sound, often accompanied by trumpets, usually played by Cuban bands. The dance form, much like the affranchi dance form of Haiti, which involved a series of straight-backed, held-torso, French style figures and then African-styled improvisation on the final set, but this dance was performed to drums instead of the string and woodwind instruments.The clothes of the dancers are colorful and flamboyant."
Quoted from Wikipedia, under the term "Tumba francesca".

Lánre Njoku
african music
Image by Janssem Cardoso
Assistent: Antonio Cicchella

Die Antwoord – Venue Nightclub – Vancouver, BC
african music
Image by Kris Krug

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