13 comments to NEW 2009 Aghany A3ras- ????? wedding song arabic

  • adam987689  says:

    What the hell who cares if it’s Christian loool it’s ppl like you that are

  • zoutochni  says:

    My wedding is very soon and i cant seem to find this song 🙁 how can i get
    it plz anyone??

  • Hadeal Aljamal  says:

    aww i love this song.. can u send it 2 me too? please!

  • mileycyrusfan64  says:

    what is this song called???

  • lebnaneyi  says:


  • ploploplo26  says:

    lelelelelelelelelelelelelelelele! Im lovin this song! (masallah)

  • gagmagag80  says:

    Ya Allah!! Ma ahla this song!!! 7lwoooo kteeer angad!! wallah!! khalas bidi
    yaha la 3roos a5oya!! momken 7da ye 2oley wen ageeb hel aghniya il

  • Proudtobelebanese100  says:

    ya atfal al7ejera bady e3mel intefeda bkess em fat7 3ala em hamas ya
    moshardeen lebnan nayeek nayek 3ardkon wa7d wa7d bady neek wnayek jeeb
    kelotet w7ayek bshalfeet fatlet barmet 3az2at pestonet segmanet atmasorat
    bydat t3abee3 kel wa7d falsteezi ya atfal alnabeb . hanyee ya 2e2any 7ak
    tentak khlyfany bokra bt7bal ya manyook btjeeb sab3a tmany . sawf nkoom
    3ala fat7 ma7let pizza fee kess kel we7dy falstenyeeh Regard s Infadet
    shbab lebnan mn Qatar .

  • zthweety2  says:

    I would like to know who sings this song …please!

  • vogelschreck44  says:

    toz 3ala lebnan???? toz 3aleke ya lArabPalestine

  • ??? ???????  says:

    ???????????????????????? ???? ??? ?????

  • 8UO8TEA87  says:


  • creamymeme  says:

    all of you shut up.. you are soo ignorant.. palestenians and lebanese..
    what the hell are you fighting over.. we are all arabs.. thats what matters
    and if you keep doing this we will stay behind everyone exactly where we
    are right now.. and thats why we cannot get anywhere and the whole world
    are watching us and laughing at us!!!!!! so shut the hell up guys and gals

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