• Dailion Dailion  says:

    nice pics and song

  • angelqueen08  says:

    kool video

  • Jenn Bonneville  says:

    Where can i get this song.? I listen to this music to help me meditate and
    sleep….And its not just music, it sounds like peace on Earth!~

  • Taylor Pegram  says:

    Been smoking to this song for the last 3 years, fucking lively

  • Jeffery Bass  says:

    I have listen to this piece of music every night for 14 yrs, it reminds me
    of love I once had, and lost in the trials of life!~thank you

  • Cyrus Lopez  says:

    Im 13 and wish I’d livedlike these guys so badly

  • MNMMOMMA2  says:

    Beautiful and peaceful! I wish we lived in a peaceful world without hatred,
    but one day we will in the Kingdom of The Heavens!

  • Emotionalesful  says:

    can you tell me where must i beautiful native american dance music’s find =
    ? ..

  • lidia ivanova  says:

    this is awesome, music and images

  • saron380  says:

    I’m 12 years old and I love this kinda music aren’t I just awesome?

  • ScoobyDoo9015  says:

    such wonderful animals and a lovely song

  • DeepMindRelaxation  says:

    nice flute sound

  • Ale84Biker  says:

    great people

  • Renante Tuballa  says:

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