Music for Writing II Attack of the Music

1. 0:00:02 – Perseverance – Michele McLaughlin 2. 0:01:57 – The Letter That Never Came – A Series of Unfortunate Events – Thomas Newman 3. 0:04:50 – Seasons …
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15 comments to Music for Writing II Attack of the Music

  • MaLynne Harrill  says:

    I’ve decided to re-do my previous story, this video helped alot.
    Now the story is more detailed and has better meaning than before.?

  • msessencepie2002  says:

    When i looked at the picture i noticed it was mickey mouse and i couldn’t
    help but picture Kingdom Hearts ….?

  • MarxBlue  says:

    I’ve found that the FTL: Faster Than Light soundtrack is EXTREMELY good for
    writing during scenes that may involve any form of tense situation.?

  • AudioRacconti  says:

    Kingdom Hearts at 1:05 hit me right in the feels. Damn. The minutes I spent
    in the main menu as a child just to listen to this.?

  • Danielle Waltman  says:

    the song Negligence was in Ender’s Game right??

  • Anmol Kohli  says:

    Music for Writing V The Music Strikes Back ??

  • Samantha Titterheath  says:

    That last song is one of the best songs I’ve ever ended a chapter to! 😀
    Along with Night Ride Across the Caucasus, Dearly Beloved and a few others.

    I freaking love Kingdom Hearts T ~T?

  • Kinsey Sage  says:

    I listened to this while writing my story. 🙂 thanks for uploading, it
    helped unlock my writers block!?

  • _SilentLeopard_  says:

    Never expected to find the *Finding Nemo Theme* here.?

  • Reza Putra  says:

    Beside for the longer duration, I like this collection better than the
    previous one. Thank you for uploading, Levi! :D?

  • MrTamendez  says:

    People should post up their project titles when completed on your comment
    section. That way we can all give you kudos if they ever get big lol.?

  • Bhairavi S  says:

    Across the stars music is making is cry :(?

  • Remixking  says:

    3 page paper due tomorrow finish 1 hour ?

  • 007wrestlingking  says:

    If Eve’s Sanctuary does well, you sir will know 🙂 Thanks for the writing

  • Lazarus LongNL  says:

    They are back! yay! Glad to see the CopyRightBull didn’t hold up :)?

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