Music Downloads: Licensing Issues

When it comes to downloading music off of the internet, consumers are more than likely downloading illegal music and can face a heavy fine or even a possible jail term for the act. Sharing music has become a norm when it comes to the music industry and to combat against it, the industry is starting to realize that they need a better way of enforcing the rules and legislation about music. Just because a song or piece of music comes from a certain website, does not necessarily mean that they have the complete licensing for that song or music which means that the music is more than likely a pirated copy. Music licensing is a way for the artists to profit from their music and when it is shared illegally they do not profit. The internet has made piracy a very real threat to music because it is very easy to download and share with others.

To combat against peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing there has come about a revolutionized plan that takes into consideration all the ways that will benefit both the artist and the music fans. Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing will help to get artists paid for their music and will legalize the way that fans are already downloading and sharing the music that they enjoy. The way that this will work is that several “collecting societies” will be formed and each society will charge a small, reasonable fee for users to legally download and share music. The money that is paid for the music-sharing ability will be distributed among the artists according to the popularity of their music.

The Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing has several advantages that will benefit both the artists and the music fans. The biggest advantage to artists and the copyright holders is that they will get paid for their music, instead of suffering losses because their music is being shared and downloaded illegally. It will also keep the involvement of the government to a minimum; the government won’t have cases and rulings to constantly battle because the music industry is constantly being pirated. And since the music can be downloaded and shared across all the different platforms that are available, new technology will be able to improve the existing platforms or make new ones without fear of the repercussions that were involved when it was illegal to download music. This movement will also be a huge asset to independent artists because they will not have to rely on having to get a major label to put their music out in the public. Independent artists can choose either a collecting society or a major label and get paid either way that they decide to go.

When it comes to laws regarding the copyright of music there have been many rulings passed down, but it has not stopped the illegal sharing of music among fans. To combat this, the music industry has come up with the Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing which will enable fans to continue to do what they have always been doing, by making it legal. This will allow the fans to rest easier because they will not be pirating music and the artists will benefit because they will be paid for their songs that are downloaded off the internet.

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