Morocco Customs And Tradition

Morocco is a beautiful country with such a diverse and varied natural surroundings that attracts many travelers to journey it.

But many tourists travel to Morocco to get to know the different culture and lifestyle.

Morocco is an Islamic country and with that comes many of the traditions mixed with the living style of local Berbers that are so proud of their heritage.

Here are few tips and ideas to give travelers traveling to Morocco about the different customs one should be aware before touring Morocco on their Moroccan holidays.

Morocco is a Muslim country and therefore any close intimacy should not be displayed in public. Holding hands or hugging someone is fine, but lip kissing on public is very inappropriate. However, on the other hand, Morocco is very liberal regarding the rules of religion. Most likely tourists visiting Morocco and displaying such behavior will not go to prison as in some other Muslim countries, but the customs are, that intimacy should be done behind closed doors.

On the other hand though many Moroccan and Arab men show great affection to each another. You might see man holding hands on streets and saying hello to each other by kissing each other’s cheeks. We might think of it as the two men being gay, but in Morocco it means only friendship and nothing else.

If you go visit on your Morocco tour local Southern family women might kiss your women backhand and you are expected to kiss their hand in return. It again means only saying hi to one another.

In most cases you will also see that when you shake hands with someone that they will touch after their chest, their hearts. It means “I respect you, honor you, you are my friend” and you should do the same.

In post office, airports, banks and other public offices you might see 2 separate lines one for women and other for men.

One of the most encounter customs on your tour of Morocco is bargaining. In Morocco it is expected from you to haggle. In the beginning it might be hard to do as most of us are used to pay the printed price. We recommend having price set in your mind what is the item worth to you. How much are you willing to pay for the art craft and you should stick to your price. If you are not interested to shop don’t show any interest. Once a shopkeeper see you are interested they might became almost aggressive to get you to buy. This applies more while you are in Fes and Marrakech. If you book Morocco tour you will be look after and with respect, as you will be accompanied with locals.

On touring Morocco you might see many children trying to help you to show you something. In Fes and Marrakech mainly, they might be keen to show you restaurants to eat or good hammam to go to. They don’t mean any harm, they do get commission if they bring you to any place and they are only trying to earn a buck. If you are not interested be firm but polite.

On your travels in Southern Morocco you might come across children asking for pens, candies and dirham. We discourage clients to give it to them. We feel that they get into the habit to guard the roads instead of being in school to learn. It might be wiser to visit local schools and make donation there. But having some pens and sweets in your bag might still be handy on your tour of Morocco. In case you are meeting some local families or in the auberges and riads families might have children and it is nice as a visitor to bring gift.

Safe travels to Morocco

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