Live Music and Havana

Music has always been a food to human soul and vacation without soothing tunes is indeed incomplete. There are vacation destinations where music and culture blend together to provide a revitalizing to the tourists. Your flights to Havana will give you a chance indulge yourself into cool atmosphere and welcoming cultures. Better known as the capital city ofCuba,Havana offers everything. From beaches to vivid buildings, the city is a heaven for tourists.

The city is perfect for lively people who want to dance and feel the music adrenaline. There are many hotels, restaurants and cafes in the city that have music bands playing their best tunes every night. Havanais a platform for fresh musicians who aim to start their career by singing the best classics to the visitors. After boarding flights to Havana tourists usually check into hotels and that is where they find surprises. If you are wondering which hotel would be a perfect choice for you to relax and enjoy music, then there is a long list of venues that can help you select one for a day.

Hotel National or Nacional is one of the biggest hotels that promote musicians like Omara Portuondo. This can be a best choice for you. On the other hand, La Zorra y el Cuervo will fill your musical appetite if Hotel National does not do the job. It is a friendly little club that offers great night times with music and musicians. Jazz music is the most common here. You will find this hotel extremely fine for your night – especially if you are going with friends. All refreshes and encourages a tourist. The Cheap flights to Havana will end up giving you nothing but magical nights. An evening at La Tropical will also allow you to refresh after a long day trip. This venue is huge and can seat over thousand people. It is wide, lively and is only open for musical events such as talent shows, big concerts and related occasions. To get to know the best event updates, look for street posters and flyers pasted around the walls of city and La Tropical. If you want to dance and dance really good then try Casa de la Musica de Centro Habana. This is where you can dance in Salsa way with a company of other couples and professional dancers. With the best hangout plans, cheap flights to Havana will also give you a reason to burn fat while Salsa dancing. You can get in and dance all night by buying a ticket for one of the events that take place inside. You will find many top Salsa bands performing at this place. To add more spice to your night visit the grand Museo Del Ron. A very special outdoor music show is held at this location calledBuena Vista – it will surely show a brighter side of Cuban entertainment industry.


Along with the happening music scene of Havana, the city will provide you with the best hangout spots. It is better to get cheap flights to Havana as there are so many locations and one must be able to afforf visiting them all. In the city, every day of your vacation will be worth remembering. You can spend a nice time strolling along the bay and watch colorful lights of the city or dine out with your family to taste the most exotic food on earth. However, consider Havana Flights essential as they will always help you get the most from your vacation. A visit to Havana will be exceptional.

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