Learn How To Read Music – For Your Own Sake

You possibly had to take an aptitude test while you were at school. It told you if you were going to be a janitor or a brain surgeon. You can use similar principles to tell if you are able to learn how to read music. Some people have musical aptitude and others have none. That doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to read music, just that you might have to work harder to do it.

Maybe you do not have the ability to read sheet music at present but somehow your friends and family are always talking about how you have an affinity for music. Perhaps the guitar, the piano, the violin and the triangle are closed books to you. You are able to talk about music with passion but somehow the time or the opportunity to learn music have not been available for you to spread your musical wings.

Can you remember melodies that you hear once? Are you able to make up tunes of your own in a special place in your head? Maybe you CAN play a musical instrument but have never had the need or the time to learn musical theory. If you can answer yes to these questions without crossing your fingers behind your back, the chances are you have a natural affinity with music.

So is there something else you need to storm the chambers of music and lift the sheets to see what’s under them? As I said, even if you think of yourself as a musical no-talent you can still learn to read music. The harmonies and melodies produced by learned musical ability are just as sweet as those produced by natural musical talent. You enjoyment of music and your need to make your own determine if you have in-born musical ability.

Think about learning to read music as another skill. If you learned to operate a computer or a motor vehicle, you will probably be able to learn to read music and play a guitar or another musical instrument. The same principles apply to learning music as apply to your hobby or career.

If for some reason you were not able to learn music during your childhood or didn’t keep up with the lessons you did take, it is not too late to keep developing your music skills. It is apparently easier to learn things like music when you are a kid, but if you really want to learn, you can learn. As you grew up you acquired the knowledge of what a musical background can do for a person. This is the kind of motivation that kids do not have access to but you can use it as your driving force.

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