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Guitarists Ritenour and Di Meola lead a music evolution
In 1939, Charlie Christian auditioned for Benny Goodman, who heard the future and hired the electric jazz guitar pioneer on the spot, forever changing the sound of jazz. Still, as forward thinking as Christian and Goodman were, neither could have imagined the dramatic technological changes, new techniques or new sounds that would separate the first, crude tries at electric amplification in the …
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NPR cranks up the music
NPR has a brand-new bag. The Washington, D.C.-based news outlet has emerged as an influential powerhouse in a splintering music industry thanks to the growing popularity of NPR Music, a website that has connected with music fans by premiering new albums, streaming live concerts and landing exclusive interviews.
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Hear this: Vanessa Williams in town
Vanessa Williams says money is the key to show business success.
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