J Pop Definition

J Pop Definition

J Pop or J-Pop or JPop is the abbreviation of Japanese Pop. The J Pop musicians have been known widely in the world. There are numerous musicians have toured in Europe, Asia, and America.

The J Pop musicians varies in the different genres of music, the number of artist in a group, and many more. There are soloists, duos, bands, groups, and many more. The term J Pop does not only cover the musician from Pop artists. Even though there is J Rock term for Japanese Rock. The rock musician can be included in the J Pop too. So, the term J Pop can cover wider range of music.

During 1990s the J Pop music becomes trends. Many pop stars were born during this time. The pop stars are Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, and many more. There are also female and male groups that gained popularity such as Morning Musume and Kinki Kids. Famous rock bands are also born in this time. The bands are GLAY, LUNA SEA, Dir en Grey, L’Arc en Ciel, and many more.


Hip Hop and R&B also covered by the J Pop term. In the early 2000s, the influences of those music genres are very high. Many anime use the songs from Hip Hop and R&B artists in the early of 2000s.

The legendary bands in Japan are X Japan, duo B’z, Mr. Children, and also GLAY. X Japan is very famous among visual kei fans. X Japan toured around the world very often because they are noticed as the founder of Japanese Visual Kei Rock music. It is quite different from B’z who are famous in Japan as the best duo rock musicians. They have sold millions of copies in Japan alone. Mr.Children songs are usually used for drama soundtrack. The members love to join charity projects. They also have good songs lyric. GLAY is the band in between of ballad and rock. They have held the biggest concert ever in the word. They also concerned in charity projects. Their songs can reach the heart of youngsters, teenagers, adults, and even the elders.

Nowadays, J Pop has various ranges of artists from soloist like Misia, Mika Nakashima, Ai Otsuka, duo like Puffy Ami Yumi, Tackey and Tsubasa, boy bands like Arashi, News, girl groups like AKB48, Perfume, and many more.

The varieties of music and concept of the musicians are the best points of J Pop. Many people love J Pop songs because they can get various kind of music and numbers of different concept in the same language that is Japanese language. Overseas fans can also understand the language because some of the musicians also write songs in English version.

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