Is Tangier a good place to visit? How is the weather, food, and accomodations?

Question by Mortaro: Is Tangier a good place to visit? How is the weather, food, and accomodations?
Tangier: what is it like
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Answer by Adam
I was there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. The beach, the point where the med ocean becomes the Atlantic, the mint tea. Good weather, reasonable prices….

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  • D*Kat  says:

    Oh I am glad you asked about ONE place..because Morocco is so different everywere you go!

    Here are some tips, warning, and general advice…Have a nice time!

    ~Places to visit/Things to do~

    •The Kasbah in Tangier is an amazing place. It has so much to offer, from great food to great bargains on pottery, jewelry, and spices. Try not to get lost because there are many tiny alley ways all throughout.

    •Let me just clarify what a Medina is: The medina is an old arab city… the main street of the medina of Tangier a very busy, lively place with lots of people and houses in many different styles. It’s a place to watch locals. Warning: there are very few restaurants/bars with tables put outside along the street. Side streets are mostly empty and very narrow, often blind with, not always clean, little corners.
    It houses two old marketplaces (the Grand Socco and the Petit Socco) in Tangier.

    •The souk: ‘socco’ is the Spanish version of ‘souk’, or market, which has stuck to this square in the heart of Tangier because of its Spanish heritage. The Grand Socco is located northeast of the medina. It is a the main square in the heart of the city & is surrounded by small cafe’s. The Grand Socco really is the heart of Tangier and a good place to start a tour since it is also the point where the modern city’s streets are forced to continue into the narrow streets of the old city. (the medina) This area was once full of snake charmers, musicians and storytellers while today it is a meeting place and a transportation junction, principally for TAXIS. It is an interesting spot to spend time watching the passing parade of people including the Rif women in their colorful traditional costume… You will also see them sitting with their baskets selling all sorts of things in the market or on the road.

    •Their is a Grand mosque but unfortunately non muslims arn’t allowed to visit :(…I know someone who was not allowed entrance when they were there. *BUT* You can still visit the Sultans palace & museum..The Dar El Makhzen was built by sultan Moulay Ismail, and is organized around two inner courtyards. While the palace was not of the largest a sultan could reside in, this one is still tastefully finished with wooden ceilings, arabesques and marble fountains.
    The palace was abandoned in 1912, and was later turned into a museum of art and architecture. Among its exhibits you will find old examples of craftsmanship, but it is probably the finds from Volubilis which is the most interesting for most visitors.

    Note: Just stand and watch for a while. Try to take in the local culture and not just snap away like a demented tourist at the more well known sites.

    •The beach: One of the main centres of afternoon and early evening activities in Tangier! The beach for me is the best place in the world…Make sure you go!! It is hit by an east wind called the “chergui” so I must warn you it’s apt to be very busy in the summer because of all the Moroccans on vacation escaping the heat of Fez!

    •If you want to go somewhere else for the day I suggest visiting a near by town in the Riff…Tetouan or Chaouen for example.


    •If you go to a Restaurant there is likely to be entertainment such as belly dancing & live music. As Tangier is a city by the sea…your most likely to see seafood on the menue! but at a traditional restaurant expect to eat: TAGINE (pronounced ‘tah-JEEN’) a kind of stew named for the pot in which it’s cooked, and whose ingredients vary greatly from place to place. The tagine’s are cone shaped clay dishes in which the meal is cooked and served hot. They consist of two parts: a round pot (traditionally clay), and a conical cover with a small hole which allows some steam to escape. Tagine is a Moroccan dish of slow-cooked meat, fruit & vegetable dishes which are almost invariably made with mutton. Sometimes lamb is used and sometimes hogget (older than lamb, younger than mutton) commonly labeled “baking legs” is used in place of the mutton. The locals will often use beef to make this meal as they get over-dosed on mutton and lamb for so many of their meals throughout the year. With couscous. You can also dare to try flaky pastry stuffed with pigeon and almonds. Moroccan food is effing good..worth a try.

    •Mint tea: Morroccan tea is popular with locals, it contains tea leaves, lots of sugar and stuffed with local mint, really tasty and suprisingly refreshing…I’ve tried it ; ) Coca-cola is another drink people from Tangier like.
    Warning: Dont drink tap water!! only bottled & even then I recommend boiling it as some poor shopkeapers fill the bottles with half tap water. There are certain minerals that are unkown to toxic to a foreigner’s stomach..Moroccans have developed an immunity to them & were usually sick at some point as children…Thats why so many tourists in Morocco get diahrea & other nasty symptoms while on holiday 🙁
    Just remember to drink bottled water with the seal unbroken and make sure you see them break the seal infront of you.

    •If ya dont like local food there IS a pizza hut!!! and an Indian restaurant ‘Sabre D’or’


    •This really depends on your budget: But werever you stay please…Look for somewhere clean with your own room, near a beach or wherever your planning to go during the day..Make sure & ask if there is a shower in your room & a lock on your door. Very important note: Lock your door at night! or whenever you go out.

    •Here are the most well known hotels in Tangier…some have the adress in brackets : )

    1# Solazur (Avenue Des F.A.R)

    2# Movenpick Hotel Tangier (Route De Malabata)

    3# The Chellah

    5#Rembrandt (Boulevard Mohammed 5)

    6#Tanjah Flandria (6 Boulevard Mohamed V)

    7# Sofitel Thalassa Marina Smir (Route De Ceuta Marinasmir)

    8# Ramada Almohades Tangier (43 Avenue Des F A R Tangier None )

    9#M÷Venpick Hotel Tangier (Route De Malabata)

    10# Moevenpick Hotel & Casino Tangier

    11#El Minzah Hotel (85, Rue De La Liberte.)


    13# Riad Tanja


    15# The Ibis

    * Hope the all the info I have written was of help….Have a great time!

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