Epic African Music Mix – “Call of the Wild”

Music : 0:00 “Mother Africa” by Hans Zimmer (The Power of One Soundtrack) 2:56 “The Rainmaker” (#1) by Hans Zimmer (The Power of One Soundtrack) 4:23 “The Courtship” by James Newton Howard …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 comments to Epic African Music Mix – “Call of the Wild”

  • Jordan Briskin  says:

    A musical and artistic tribute to the land where the human race was born-

  • Jordan Briskin  says:

    +AlekD1000 You are to be commended for creating this WONDERFUL video! It
    combines breathtaking artwork with heart-stopping music, capturing the full
    beauty and majesty of the Mother Land, Africa! I take my hat off to you!?

  • Jahmil French  says:

    this is a good mix. I love how its an african mix and yet not a single
    black person in the video. ?

  • Wild Life  says:

    Hail Africa, our home continent, origin, and great mother of all humankind.?

  • Taju Oakpaw  says:

    yep im really proud to African American now :D?

  • reg2nice  says:

    I know the name of the song at 7:20 is from a house song called bloody
    business by Dark Society, but does anybody know what song they sampled it

  • ivan miljkovic  says:

    Name of song 9:20?? pls :))?

  • KtBdOKW  says:

    I be damned if i know why i like these sounds.
    Guess Darwin is right, our ancestry is to be found in africa.
    Why else should i feel instantly connected to these sounds ?
    Thanks from Germany.?

  • Nero21  says:

    0 disklikes?!?!

  • 19EHF  says:

    All bow down to Hanz Zimmer and the mother of us all!!!

  • Assassinx27140  says:

    Hanz zimmer is the best from epic africa music i love

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