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A few nice pop music images I found:

Clutter – Untidy music on your desktop
pop music
Image by Rev Dan Catt
Finally I’ve found a system I like for quickly playing music, Clutter.

iTunes is ok, but I’m no power-user, so it takes me forever to find an artist or album. Coverflow is fun, but kinda a pain to have hanging around. And I really wish Delicious Library had a double click to play in iTunes.

Clutter seems to have worked best for me so far, in their own words…

Think of Clutter as an alternate user interface to your music collection. When deciding what to play next, instead of searching through a huge alphabetical list, let your eye roam over the covers of your favorite CDs and those you’ve been listening to recently.

In this case I’ve got a bunch of "while-I’m-working" music a simple desktop click away. They’re sort-of placed by type of internal logic, yes I like Kate Bush.

It’s hard to tell here, as I keep my desktop relatively icon free, but the CD covers sit under icons and play well with everything else. So, good all round then.

Michael-Aireen moonlit
pop music
Image by britz briones [dot] com
more pics can be seen at

the ring over a cup
pop music
Image by britz briones [dot] com
June 25, 2009
La Fortuna Hotel, Cebu City

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