Cesaria Evora Mix by JaBig – A Cape Verde Music Playlist (Morna & Coladera)

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15 comments to Cesaria Evora Mix by JaBig – A Cape Verde Music Playlist (Morna & Coladera)

  • George Simons  says:
  • Marcella Rhein  says:

    I discovered this amazing singer and music on a trip to Brazil last summer.
    It is fabuloso.?

  • Lisete Pote  says:

    A Diva dos pés descalços… adoro a musica dela?

  • Milan Smidt  says:

    why did you scalp each one of these beautiful songs. It’s a bloody shame.?

  • Tatjana Lili?  says:

    Prekrasna muzika izvedba ispeano od srce i so mnogu zar…like it perfect?

  • lucas g  says:

    stromae m’a conduit ici. ?

  • Natalina S.C. Webster  says:

    Nossa rainha, nossa linda voz que nunca vamos esquecer, Cesaria Evora, a
    cantora da nossa peqena ilhas de Cabo Verde?

  • ???? ??????  says:

    ?????, ?????.?

  • Antonio Antunes  says:
  • Abbe67  says:


  • Bellahcene Kamla  says:


  • Will Budic  says:

    No, don’t understand a thing. But like my imagination pick on familiar
    words with sounds.?

  • WISH LOVE  says:
  • Rocheele  says:
  • Natércio Giles  says:

    muy bella musica y voz.?

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