Cat Cab ‘breathes’ life into music, storytelling

Music Notation Made Possible in Microsoft Word Documents announces the release of Music Notation for MS Word, a music notation editing product that allows musicians to embed, edit and publish music notation in convenient Microsoft Word environment.

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Music Philosophy: Is music rebellion?
I say yes! Good music has an element of rebellion! From the folk songs and tunes of europe, to the negro spirituals in the colonies to modern day rock and rap there is a scocial thread of rebellion and antiestablishmentarianisim. (I love that word!) Lets stay in America for the pourposes of this lecture and start with negro spirituals. The songs of the slaves were the songs of africa with …

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Cat Cab ‘breathes’ life into music, storytelling
A packed crowd of students clapped and sang along with the caped members of Breathe Owl Breathe during the professional Cat Cab on March 11. “It was totally not my type of music, but it was super good, and I really want their music now,” sophomore Lindsay Holmstrom said. Breathe Owl Breathe had students make hand motions […]

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