Caribbean Music – Some Information

Caribbean Music – Some Information

The Caribbean islands have produced a lot of legendary singers who have left their mark on world music and can never be forgotten. Bob Marley is the name that occurs to anyone, without fail, when people talk about this type of music. After his sad demise, Ziggy Marley, his son took over the task of producing Reggae from him. Reggae, is a genre that is liked by everyone. this type can be divided into various genres primarily African, European, Indian and native influences. It is a synthesis of all of the above.

Primarily the this form of music was developed by African Slaves. The famous styles that have been liked and enjoyed by people world over are reggae, zouk, salsa, calypso, reggaeton and punta. Besides the enlisted styles a merge of south and Central American music too forms part of its style. it is generally not very fast and is very soothing. However the main form that enabled it to gain popularity was reggae and the artist who made reggae popular was the legendary Bob Marley.

Most of it’s styles were grouped into folk, classical, etc. But most of the styles reflected the European influence on the music for example the Puerto Rican and the Cuban music had strong European influence. From 1948 onwards shifting of a large numbers of Caribbean started and the shift was to England. Along with them came the Caribbean form and thereafter its popularity got international acclaim. It can be listened to anytime and anywhere. It is a genre that can be played all seasons. There is no particular time or no particular mood required to listen to this genre.


The music originating in the Caribbean islands is peppy and jovial. It is primarily intended to boost you up and makes you automatically tap your feet to dance. Caribbean music was never a pure form of music but an amalgamation of various cultures as explained above. Over the period of time the music was picked up by artist’s world over and merged with other forms of music to develop fusion. Besides the merging of Caribbean music with other forms artists also began to remix the music. Remixed versions of Caribbean music were big hit is discotheques and pubs.

The music is simple without any complications and easy to sing along with. A band called UB 40 too popularized Caribbean music in the west. Their remixed versions of Bob Marley numbers became instant hits with music lovers. You can buy CDs, DVDs, and MP3s to listen to Caribbean music or just go online and download for free all the music available on the free downloading sites. The best known forms of Caribbean music are chandracha, listera and the mambo. Caribbean music is evergreen and will reside in the hearts of music lovers forever. you can also listen to the FM which is streaming music all over the world.

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