Any suggestions for a Presentation on African American Music?

Question by Jasmine: Any suggestions for a Presentation on African American Music?
I’m in a college class called “African American Musical Traditions” and I have a presentation to do on pretty much anything that has to do with African American music. Some people have done gospel, others neo soul, and even just a presentation on a single person, but I’m completely drawing a blank, and I also don’t wanna pick something obvious and do the same thing as another person.

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Answer by mz.phreash_lady
mabye you should do beyonce or Stevie Wonder but those might be pretty obvious.Unless you could do something like history of how jazz started

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  • miller  says:

  • 2010vicson  says:

    why don’t you do the history of r & b or rap. there are usually specials on vh1 soul that come one about that

  • tgr1013  says:

    Try…it’s free radio…build your own playlist…you’ll find most everything and you can select via genre….

  • mizundrstood510  says:

    do a presentation on how R&B has been recycled over the years. start with original version of songs, and then follow up with the remake, or remix. elaborate on how the music style has changed to reflect the times.


    you can do a presentation on the voice synthesizer. you know the thing kanye west uses, also t-pain. it alters the voice and makes them think they can sing LOL. the group Zapp used it but i believe a rock band used it first… look it up.

    hope this helped

  • King Midas  says:

    Go back to the start, with negro spiratuals that slaves used to sing in the fields in order to communicate with one another then take it through how the music evolved to the blue and greats like Bessie Smith, Jellyroll Morton, Cole Porter and take it home with modern music and how it has lost it’s true meaning, and purpose.

  • Hyderabad C  says:

    You could focus on ‘call and response’. Supposedly there’s a tradition of musical or music like story telling that goes from AFrican music to the Caribbean and is reflected in rap.

    Your presentation then might overlap with those of others, but you’d be presenting your own angle.

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