AMAZING Street musician! (Epic Violinist Music Video) HD

Bryson Andres performing Secrets One Republic Epic Music Video HD talented best song violin Cover (Amazing street artist) PART 2:…

ONE OK ROCK - Clock Strikes [Official Music Video]

6th Album – ??×?= “JINSEI KAKETE BOKU WA” Mar. 6th , 2013 on sale Clock Strikes iTunes URL:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 comments to AMAZING Street musician! (Epic Violinist Music Video) HD

  • New Games - Epic Game Trailers & Exclusive Gameplays HD  says:

    *Hi! Feel free to check out these great street performers (Bryson Andres &
    Petr Spatina)*
    > AMAZING Street Musician Playing Water Glasses! HD

    > Bryson Andres PART 2 – AMAZING Street musician! Epic Violin?

  • rskim119  says:

    He’s good but not amazing. ?

  • Juli George  says:

    A superb music to start ur day with…………….
    Good morning :)?

  • Meihui Su  says:

    AMAZING Street musician! (Epic Violinist Music Video) HD?

  • Margaret Newman  says:

    AMAZING Street musician! (Epic Violinist Music Video) HD?

  • Elsa Williams  says:

    Am I the only one who thought the old lady was going to take the money ?

  • QuartetmanIA  says:

    The lady in the blue parka dug through his money in the violin case, palmed
    some and walked away.?

  • J Pleebly  says:

    Wow not only talented but hot too! Uff /.?

  • davide Ascone  says:

    spettacolare…….suona quasi come me?

  • Youssef Bouhallaf  says:

    Pro !?

  • Snowy Dawn  says:

    What song is this???

  • Breann Vogt  says:
  • Just A Miner  says:

    Does anyone else think this guy would be great at the robot? o_o?

  • Nicholas Rowan  says:

    So cool?

  • Nayan Persaud  says:

    i love music and this makes me so happy?

  • Kerollayne Morais  says:
  • J.C. Daniels  says:


  • george from larissa  says:

    Beautiful music…..?

  • Riju Ray  says:

    this violinist from street musician has now become of the worlds finest..
    This is one of his first performances.. his name—- Bryson Andres?

  • MrUsegood  says:

    Amazing Musical Instrument You’ve Never Seen – SANTUR?

  • Mantistmusic  says:

    You like random jam session, you will dig this

  • Ido Telio  says:


  • Hand Tops  says:

    Love your amazing, raw talent!!!! Beautiful!?

  • Caroline Kohn  says:

    does anyone else notice that can rolling way on 1:23 in the top right
    corner under that red sign??

  • Kitty Cheshire  says:

    Woah 0.0 I will be giving $20 for that performance u should audition for
    something!! ?

  • matthew  says:

    this sounds like American boy band… i hate it?

  • IzayaKibaRyujiFAN  says:

    They’re good, Ill say that.,And the song is catchy. But I still think Kpop
    is better. Im not a hater! Just sayin…?

  • Raye Tsukino  says:

    They are sooo amazing! ! Plus they are really KAWAII AND HOT/SEXY ^///^?

  • Lili Florea  says:

    A Japanese Song per Day: ONE OK ROCK – Clock Strikes?

  • Carlos Chala  says:

    Mi banda masculina Favorita de J-ROCK

    “ONE OK ROCK”?

  • Swansen03  says:

    so, based on a few comments i’m gathering this is typical corporate,
    heavily produced, prepackaged music? which is just a matter of fact. take
    any song on the radio its the same. no chord progression, simple chorus,
    simple drum beats, mostly open notes. its a math formula for human ears, so
    yeah it sounds good and makes even more money

    i was just hoping it wasnt..?

  • Kurayfatt55  says:

    I have a question here : How the hell is his english pronunciation so good
    ? Cuz like most of nihon’s people have really funny pronunciation…?

  • Mafumafu Kun  says:


  • Vanessa Matthews  says:

    This is so western sounding I can’t even handle it. I’m not saying that’s
    bad. And it’s not because there’s English in it, most Japanese musicians
    integrate English into their songs. But… I don’t know. Something about

  • Dilay Cagliyan  says:

    okk i’m sorry but the lead singer in this looks like a jonas brother with
    that hair?

  • noiamnotharuhi  says:

    this is the only boy band I approve of :D?

  • Oreo Eater  says:

    J-Pop > K-Pop
    Hands Down. <3?

  • James Sullivan  says:

    o_o how could anyone dislike this? It’s awesome!! :D?

  • ensou / Describing A Story Of Us  says:

    Who here listens to One Ok Rock? ?

  • Rimotatakiku Chikafutamoshi  says:

    This song is just so amazing! I love it!?

  • cherie sng  says:

    what country are they from??

  • zicky zacko  says:

    All about this video is fake?

  • steezermusic  says:

    i’m confused. they sound so American. what??

  • Kuma King  says:
  • Patrick bintang laut  says:

    lg bikin artikel sambil dengerin nie.
    boleeeeh laaah.. ^-^?

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