Education and knowledge are two words that a show spelling contrast but operates within a realm.

Knowledge is the information, skill and understanding you derive from education or experience, while education on the other hand is a process of training, learning and teaching intended to improve knowledge and develop skills.

In chemistry it takes the reaction of two different chemicals to bring into existence some specific chemicals, this process also obtains in this subject of focus. Knowledge springs up through the simultaneous occurrence of two mandatory processes: going through education and also giving education the chance to go through you. Knowledge doesn’t come by going through education alone, rather it is a collective result of imbibing healthy information while going through education.

Education has two proofs; Abstract proof (Knowledge) and Concrete proof (Certificate/ Degree). Too bad too much emphases are placed on obtaining certificates rather than acquiring knowledge, result from this we have two category of students: “mere school goers and knowledge seekers”. Ignorance has pushed many under the category of school goers, thus conquering the reason why we have increasing number of JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) candidates each year vying for admission. Quite unfortunate many go through education converting it to its concrete result alone while few convert it to both its concrete and abstract result

A knowledge seeker goes through any process of learning/training/teaching with the sole motive of acquiring more knowledge to complement what he/she already has with little interest for the concrete proof knowing full well it is a definite conclusion of his/her quest. Certificate presents itself to a knowledge seeker in flying colors. Contrariwise, a school goer is in any training/learning/teaching ground for two reasons to increase the tally of his/her already existing certificate/degree and to conform to modern world/market’s educational requirements

Further, it takes only a person who knows he has a huge task ahead to open his/her mind to information; this is a trademark of a knowledge seeker. But in seeing no task ahead because too much significance was placed on going to school alone, a school goer saturates his mind with obtaining certificate leaving no room for accumulation of information. Self-starters were once knowledge seekers.

In a lame language school only means a university, college and what have you, little wonder in many societies citizenry regard people with education outside a university, etc as illiterate and less important citizens. Never the less it remains a fact, anywhere you pass through sequence of training/learning /teaching to acquire knowledge irrespective of its kind is a “school”

Truly! Truly!! Truly!!! Education transcends what we learn within the four walls school, if you cannot get what you want without violating the rights of your fellow humans then you are not worthy to be grouped along with the class of educated men.

Finally, do you know there is more power in what was personally learnt than in what was taught? Successful people are invariably identified with adventurous reading and research; they see strength in personal reading and research. Above all, education does not depend on what was learnt or read, but in what was learnt, read that can be recalled

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