25 comments to African Dance, Moroccan Music!

  • Saadia L  says:

    Whats thé music

  • lamu  says:

    Is this the original music?

  • Paul silas Arafat  says:

    hmmm She’s dope, way better than young thung,2 chains and more?

  • Muhwezi Michael Mike Jr  says:

    KEKO will u marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Sheila Lwanga  says:

    Love her song sooo beautiful. the dress didn’t come up well in the video?

  • Nadir Bin lassili  says:

    It a nice one…congrat u gal.?

  • Tempo Sothondose  says:

    she be underrated with them cool verses , how I wish Africa was like US?

  • mikhail487  says:

    She’s my female crush?

  • OKOT LAWRENCE  says:

    Every body know that she is talent itself.?

  • Tshepo Bpm  says:

    Killer traq…still my number 1!! Orgasmic beats!!!?

  • Lawrence Mphikeleli Mkhwanazi  says:

    I ms Kyle’s music?

  • debbie lavis  says:

    I got. A crush ?

  • Joselyne Kirungi  says:

    Keko, we need more…?

  • mikhail487  says:

    Wow I miss u keko make more music?

  • vincent mbauni  says:
  • vincent mbauni  says:

    we need a collabo?

  • mwetaba kanaahe bright  says:

    keep up the spirit

  • Bodo Blaze  says:

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  • Abhishek Singh  says:

    pls tell me which female can be better

  • Nozzaification  says:


  • Otieno Felix  says:

    Maze that swag is extra ordinary, Keko nice work tafuta unga

  • Anthony January  says:

    love so much this

  • ugfanPaesh  says:

    We all kno this gal is the IT.. so Africa respect!!!!

  • MagestiK  says:

    beautiful song

  • philly lydia  says:

    hey wea cn i find the lyrics

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