??? LaLa??????[HD]Official Music Video

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https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/study-music-help-exams-increase/id553581655 45 MINS – Music for Study : De-Stress, Focus, New Age Music, Relaxing Music, Co…

14 comments to ??? LaLa??????[HD]Official Music Video

  • IamChacko  says:

    Little research: We only use couple % of ou’re hole brain. Listen to
    relaxing music while studying ”unlocks” more %. You will be concentrating
    more. But make sure volume is not on MAX. then you wil distracting to the

  • Vernon Hipolito  says:

    Why my mind focuses on this music not on studies?. 🙂 LoveJazz<3?


    people this is sweet music im glad i am a musician i will practice to this
    real muzic it will make a musician better this is serious man i know my dad
    played the sax just the way this sax played R.I.P POPS i miss you i will
    alway’s love you !people if you still have your parents take care of them
    you will only have them one time i still have mom she’s 86 i take care of
    her she loved this track man this piano is sweet mom said the real deal
    believe me she knows she said peace and love to all .?

  • Eduardo Chavez  says:

    stop reading the comments and work ?

  • IamChacko  says:

    9:38 that tune always remember me on that hard French lession?

  • IMWiseGuy4u  says:

    Don’t look at COMMENTS! Do your assignment!?

  • Hellcolik  says:

    gud gud feelin bros?

  • 123TauruZ321  says:

    This one is okay, but only okay.?

  • shaun t  says:

    these pictures are so goddam beautiful. i put them as full screen whilst
    studying, and just dream away. ?

  • Tara Eveland  says:

    thank you! we are doing grade testing on subjects today as we homeschool
    and my daughter was getting distracted by the boys (hubby and son) being
    loud in the living room. this is perfect. 🙂 love it!?

  • Austin Diane  says:

    Extremely calming and relax ??

  • Chanel Sumpter  says:

    So cool. I just adore finding gems! Relax and enjoy! ?

  • c healey  says:

    perfectly perfect?

  • Nicole Blaber  says:

    omfg this music annoyed the crap out of meh ;_; it sounds like elevator
    music D: GAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!?

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