7 comments to ?Best Romantic Arabic Songs Collection 2010

  • linawati cici  says:

    please give me list song…..

  • anameen25  says:

    Iam arabian guys wheni heard this song i cry

  • Amoon diamond  says:

    sho esm al a3’ane??

  • Chau Minh  says:

    What ‘s the song name at 5.40. Love her voice. Please let me know. thx much.

  • vesna2102  says:

    would u please write the whole list of this songs? thanks a lot. by the way
    nice collection 🙂

  • Safiyaahh  says:

    Can you list the songs please

  • ???? ????  says:

    chau minh the song is ??? ???? ????? ?????

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