What’s So Special About the Courtyard Villas in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica?

What’s So Special About the Courtyard Villas in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica?

Visitors to Playa Langosta will probably remember seeing the Courtyard Villas from the street at a minimum.  Architecturally, they are one of the most appealing properties in the area.  The plan for the 10 unit complex was to create a sense of community, and with that in mind, each villa has a covered front porch ideal for reading a book and having a friendly word with neighbors and visitors alike.


It is rare that an architect blends three different styles successfully in Costa Rica real estate, but the Courtyard Villas pull it off in spectacular fashion. The three models are Napoli, Marrakesh and Madrid, drawing influence from Italy, Morocco and Spain respectively.  The Marrakesh units in particular have received rave reviews from vacation renters as they enjoy the rooftop jacuzzis and dining areas.

A walk through any of the Courtyard Villas is a lesson in attention to detail.  Mosaic tile is used in the interiors with baldosa on balcony and patio areas.  The ceilings, molding, cabinets, doors and windows are all custom teak.  The kitchens feature leaded glass, granite countertops or molded cement, and high end GE appliances.  Wrought iron elements and molded concrete pieces accent the exterior areas including gorgeous window sills and columns.  Pools and jacuzzis are glass tile and very comfortable, with small fountains.

Each unit also has an exterior propane barbecue.

The complex itself is maintained by Javier, the garden loving handyman who maintains approximately 35 types of plants on the property.  They surround the central fountain, which runs west towards the ocean.

The Courtyard Villas are across the street from Playa Langosta and an easy walk to the supermarket, restaurants, and a bit of night life as well.

As of August 2010, there are two units for sale at the Courtyard.


Eddie Davis writes about Costa Rica real estate and travel in Central America from his home in Tamarindo.

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