What is the safest city in South Africa for white people to visit?

Question by Mike S: What is the safest city in South Africa for white people to visit?
Me and my wife want to visit South Africa what is the safest city for white people I’m American and my wife is a Kiwi (New Zealand) we currently live in Christchurch, New Zealand and want to see South Africa someone told us Capetown is the safest what do you think?

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Answer by wacky
None of them are safe!!!If you choose then Durban,the other two,you have too be-wary,likewise in Durban,it all depends on the area you visit but don’t be fooled by the locals.
There are good and bad.areas

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  • Odie  says:

    Cape Town would be my choice. It has the most to do and is geared towards tourism. There is also variety and lots of natural beauty. I would guess it is the safest city to visit but have no statistics to prove it.
    I am fairly certain you will enjoy it.

  • MrD  says:

    The whole of South Africa is safe for white people to visit, just avoid venturing into the squatter camps.

  • Tony J  says:

    Mike, believe me that race does not determine the risk of one being a victim of crime in SA, what does is not taking, mostly common sense, precautionary measures.

    Here is a heldful link and there are many more :


    Cape Town is great and very popular with both locals and tourists, but like the rest of the world there are also no go areas, why limit yourself to only one city when SA offers so much more?

    Here is a link that details the diversity of SA, decide what really interests you and plan a great vacation.


    Enjoy your stay and have a great time.

  • Hamada  says:

    Yes indeed Capetown is safe. I was working there and I loved it. and by the way All of the South Africa is safe as far as you keep to the safe places.

  • GordonGekko  says:

    All of them are safe, but Cape Town has always been very relaxed and cosmopolitan. Crime is also relatively low.

  • SB  says:

    The crime in South Africa is no different to the crime that you will find in other parts of the world.
    If you are going to visit South Africa, try to see as much as possible….it is absolutely beautiful. I would say that if you are planning quite a long trip, then make sure you finish off in Cape Town…loads on offer to see and do.

  • Amanda  says:

    Lol, I don’t think it makes a difference on what colour your skin is. It’s a bigger deal in the USA than it is in SA. If you research the areas and stay in the safer parts of that area along with remaining conscientious the entire time, you should enjoy where you travel. I’ve never been to South Africa, but I have travelled a lot and a friend of mine from SA has travelled here and said that travelling through places here is a LOT like there (minus the fact that we get there on the right side of the road as opposed to the left, lol). I’ve been robbed in a “safe city” and had a blast in a “bad” city. It’s all individual. Wear a bag around your waist that goes UNDER your clothes for your money, this will prevent pickpockets. I do this when NOT travelling (pickpockets are a prob in Phoenix, Az). Walk with your head up, if you walk with your head down you look less confident. Keep looking around and taking note of your surrounding. Wear comfortable shoes you can run in (not that you’ll need to run, but wearing things you can’t run in generally end up being painful after a day of walking around seeing the sights). Stay in heavily trafficked areas. When passing buildings, stay as close to the road as you can, if someone’s between the buildings, they’re going to try and grab the person hugging the wall, not the street. If your wife has long hair, DO NOT WEAR A PONYTAIL!!! This is common self defence practice. If she must wear it up, put it into a French Twist or bun, ponytails are like handlebars to people in an attack. There is actually a statistic showing women with a ponytail are more than twice as likely to be attacked. Learn a few local words and join an online chat board and get to know someone from there that you feel comfortable talking to and get more information from them.

    You follow basic personal safety measures and you can travel most places so long as you follow all the right guidelines for the area. My grandparents had a great time down there. South Africans on the whole are very kind people.

  • ? Kvlt ؃ ST?T!C ?  says:

    Stellenbosch, near Cape Town. Its really a safe town (I mean it, it really is like in a bubble) and as a bonus it has tons of offerings to tourists: wine, wildlife, great dining, beautiful views.

  • Sea Biscuit  says:

    Mike, with all the latest incidents in Christchurch, I’m sure that you and your wife have become more wary as far as safety goes. However, New Zealand is otherwise known as ‘sleepy hollow’ when it comes to being streetwise/street safe. South Africa is a country worth seeing, just take everyone’s advice above, and enjoy your visit.

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