What is the cheapest way to travel from Morocco to Portugal?

I’m traveling with my brother in April to Spain & Morocco, and then taking off by myself to Portugal. I’m just looking for the cheapest way to get there – doesn’t have to be direct. I’m definitely open to a stop or 2 along the way
I’m redifining my trip based on the responses I’ve gotten so far…I’m going to be traveling to Spain, Morocco and Portugal in April and would love some suggestions in particular about travel from Morocco to Portugal.

I believe I’ll be leaving Morocco via Marrakech and making my way to Lisbon. I’ll have around 5 days to get from Morocco to Lisbon and enjoy the city.

It’s not as much time as I’d like – but I still don’t mind taking a more scenic route if its inexpensive and I’ll see something worthwile.

I’m going to look into planes trains ferry’s et. al – any specific ideas would be appreciated!

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