What area of Africa was valuable during the Berlin Conference?

Question by Bethix: What area of Africa was valuable during the Berlin Conference?
We are re-enacting the Berlin Conference. Our nation is the United States, and although I know we did not actually attend the conference, we are trying to decide which small part of Africa to claim.
I am looking for areas with valuable resources and such.

Can anyone help?

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Answer by Just Trying 2 Help
The United States never claimed an African territory. The Berlin Conference was mostly a European meeting in which they discussed which European country got which part of Africa. The French and British had the most territories in Africa while the Germans had a few colonies and Belgium had a colony in the Congo region which was a brutal, bloodfested holocaust of the Africans. The Italians tried to take over Ethiopia but the Ethiopians defeated them in a war to fight them off and they won under their King Selassie II. There were other battles and wars too but theres too many to name contractry to popular belief.

But as far as your question goes, I would guess it was the more Southern regions of Africa, esp South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the Congo and Botswana because of its diamonds, gold and oil. The Europeans were just dying literally to get their greedy hands on Africa’s resources just like they did the rest of the world and it still goes on today. Therefore, the poverty of the nations in these places exist.

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