We Are Not Happy, Pretoria

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We Are Not Happy, Pretoria
Image by Paul Saad
Paul Saad’s Photostream

Considering the turmoil faced by a number of universities in South Africa at the moment, it is very clear for all to see that the current university model has become completely unaffordable to the vast majority.

Sending a child to university costs somewhere in the region of R10 000.00 per month after Tax. In broad terms, fees are about R 5000.00 per month and then budget at least another R5 000.00 for transport, residence costs and living expenses. That relates to R120 000.00 per year after tax. Let’s put that into perspective. If a family earns R 1 million per year, less tax they have about R 600 000.00 left of which 20% must now go to university fees. That relates to a huge portion of total income and has to come out of the “disposable” part of income. Who has that much disposable income these days? It’s financially distressing to say the least. More than one child and that puts university at a new level of unaffordability, so I am honestly not surprised there is an uprising going on. What is surprising is that it didn’t happen earlier. Less than 1% of the population can afford it.

Why then to we continue with the same traditional business model for universities when in it is so unsustainable?

Zebra crossing – Zebrastreifen
Image by Daniela Hartmann (alles-schlumpf)
© Daniela Hartmann, flickr.com

I have photographed the zebras in the wild in Tsavo, Kenya. It was the first time I saw them outside a zoo. Beautiful animals.
Ich habe die Zebras in Tsavo, Kenia, fotografiert. Es war das erste Mal, dass ich Zebras in freier Wildbahn gesehen habe. Wunderschöne Tiere!

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