Trouble booking a flight from Morocco to Turkey online?

Question by Jennifer: Trouble booking a flight from Morocco to Turkey online?
I want to book a flight from Casablanca to Istanbul but have run into several problems. Our payment is not going through with our credit cards. We’ve tried several credit cards and have even tried using a pre-paid credit card to book through Air Arabia but no luck. I called my credit card company to allow international purchases but it still didn’t go through. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What is the most successful way US Citzens can book flights from Morocco to Istanbul> Any advice/help would be appreciated!

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Answer by SD
There are flights from Rabat (RBA) to Istanbul (IST).

A dependable travel site is “Amazing Tours and Travel”

You also might want to consider booking directly with the airline.

The main airlines out of Rabat are KLM and Air France.

I also don’t think there are flights every day.

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