TOP- END Introductions from the Top 20% of the UK Single Market

TOP- END Introductions from the Top 20% of the UK Single Market

I’m writing this brief article as over the last few weeks in particular, I’ve been surprised at the expectations of females looking for that  ‘ exceptional male partner ‘. This may seem an odd article for an agency who specializes in finding exceptional male partners, to write… nevertheless, I feel it’s vital to try to explain to females, that IF they seek a man who is , in the ‘ ABOVE AVERAGE bracket ‘ as in attractiveness, financial security ( 70K plus) educated, cultured, fit, taking a keen interest in his appearance he is going to be in a SMALLER group of individuals than Mr. Average who’s earning 30k, which

When I explain this, it’s almost like I’ve insulted the person, silence, gasps, all shroud the conversation, it immediately goes from enthusiasm and describing their ideal partner to…a complete step back. Which I find amazing! Surely it is common sense there will be as they are in the of the population, There is still this attitude, than such men will NOT really be in HUGE demand by other females, which they are, consequently, males do NOT have to be so pro-active, this is NOT to say he cannot be found, or indeed he doesn’t exist, but this fish is in rarer waters, and a different mind set is required to successfully HOOK HIM! NOT one of negativity..


The point is, he can be found, he is out there, but he’s out there for the ones who are NOT feint hearted, for the ones who endeavor to take on board reality, what it will take to find him, albeit slower than if you were looking for Joe Blogs, and embrace it, and appreciate the honesty and explanation of what lies ahead, opposed to reacting in a completely negative way.

FACT: Females after 35 are NOT the Peacocks anymore, I do not make the rules, I merely deliver the message honestly.

FACT: Men have a longer span of being attractive to the opposite sex, 40-60 year old exceptional male will attract those from 18-80 and has NO need to be so pro-active, that is why data-base agencies only have about 25%-30% males.

FACT: Females will NOT – regardless of size or being young for one’s age, highly affect the attitude of males – Some London Agencies realize the diffuculty of placing more mature females with such men, and have a cut off point of 44, however, I do not with my agency Rhodes-Harvey Introductions there is NO cut off point for age, but I’m open with what lies ahead.

After eight years of ONLY working to bring the TOP 20% of the UK SINGLE Market forward, both male and female, this is my field of expertise. I will NOT withold this information, or give the usual ‘ SALES TALK’ to gain a cheque. My service is unique, and it is this approach which retains the integrity of the agency.

So ladies, if this is this kind of man you seek, just understand, realistically it will NOT be as quick as if you were seeking a potential partner from the rmaining 80% of the UK single market.. WHY is this so hard to take on board!

I always explain everything fully, openly, honestly the facts and figures, which 99% of agencies won’t do in fear of losing the client, not my approach. I’m passionate about my agency, and always produce ‘above average introductions’  for females from 26-85 all of whom have met men in this upper bracket of the single market.

© Jill Rhodes-Harvey – Rhodes-Harvey Introductions 2010.

This is an original article and NOT to be copied by other agencies, which happens with one particular agency. Sarah Howes if you decide to plagiarise this article then you need to mention my name.


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