The Western Cape Of South Africa Provides A Unique Backdrop For Outdoor Vacations

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor adventure, the Western Cape of South Africa is the greatest place to go on Earth. The unending landscape here is beautifully rugged, and the activities are extremely intense. The Western Cape of South Africa has it all: majestic mountains, two oceans, national parks, beaches that go all the way around the Western Cape, and historical sites where the world was changed forever. If you are a world traveler and love the challenge of conquering international terrain, make sure to pack plenty of energy, because a vacation in the Western Cape of South Africa is absolutely extreme.

The first place most travelers want to go to when they visit the Western Cape of South Africa is the beach. The unique aspect of the Western Cape is that it has two oceans. The Indian Ocean is the warmer of the two and best for swimming and sunbathing. However, Haut Bay, on the Atlantic side has incredible surf; and is home to the international Red Bull surfing competition. There is also hiking on the rugged coast and sunbathing on some of the most exclusive beaches in the world.

You can’t go to the Western Cape of South Africa without doing some whale watching. This pastime is highly pursued on the Atlantic Seaboard where whales go for shelter to mate and calve. This is a place where whale enthusiasts can watch Southern Right Whales, Bryde’s Whales, and the Humpback Whales that come here every year.

The Western Cape of South Africa is also the home of Table Mountain, whose massive peak rises 3,300 feet above Cape Town. Hiking fanatics can climb the trails all the way to the top, where they can experience breathtaking views of Cape Town and both oceans, along with the clouds that surround the summit.

If you need a breather after climbing Table Mountain on the West Cape of South Africa, the Garden Route has easy walking and beautiful scenery. Running parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, the Garden Route is a series of trails full of trees and flower gardens with explorable caves nearby.

Another favorite outdoor activity for tourists is the Wine Route, which is a little further inland from the coast. The wine business in the Western Cape of South Africa is booming, and there is no better way to experience it than to tour the historic wine estates in the valley.

On the Western Cape of South Africa, even shopping is extreme. Many shoppers can’t wait to go to the ‘Diamond Works’, one of the best places in the world to shop for exquisite diamond jewelry. There are hundreds of other unique shops throughout the cobble stone streets of Cape Town, including the famous Victor and Albert Waterfront; which has a variety of eateries, pubs, movie theaters, and aquariums.

The Western Cape of South Africa is easier to get to than you might think. There are direct international flights that go right into Cape Town, and once you get there the accommodations are world class. Clearly, for the outdoor enthusiast, the Western Cape of South Africa has it all.

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