The Next Generation Range Rover in Morocco – “Interior Refinement” – Part 3

Land Rover’s Studio Design Chief, Richard Woolley, discusses the interior refinement of the Next Generation Range Rover in the third part of this four-part v…

In een nieuw rapport beschrijft Artsen Zonder Grenzen (AZG) de gevolgen van precaire leefomstandigheden en geweld op de gezondheid van migranten die vast kom…
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10 comments to The Next Generation Range Rover in Morocco – “Interior Refinement” – Part 3

  • Gmlrover  says:

    As close to perfection as you could get. It is perfection. The best SUV in? the world by far……

  • ipingui  says:

    Wanted Range Rover to be my future car…but NOT like this if they keep the look of this model!!! Go back to to your previous models!! Land Rover? has done extremely well with their previous versions and are about to spoil their success by? turning a Range Rover into an Evoque look alike! If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!!!!

  • ipingui  says:

    Don’t like it at all! The previous? versions are much better looking. More muscular and tougher look yet sophisticated. The RR Sport Autobiography is definitely way better looking in the older version. I think Land Rover should stick with what the public and followers like if the way to? keep up their sales and continue being successful like they have in the last few years. This new one doesn’t look regal and it resembles the Evoque too much…(the Evoque is not a great looking vehicle…)

  • Xander7777777777  says:

    Anyone know what this music? is?

  • Dav Davtyan  says:


  • AnswerToEverything09  says:

    it’s his teeth that fascinate me… ! Rather Simon Cowell!?

  • Shannon Smith  says:

    Yes, Please!?

  • Medaouba Othmane  says:


  • Mike Hallett  says:

    Possibly. One of them, anyway….but they still won’t give you one! ;-))?

  • alaaprince1993  says:

    This is the best car in the world?

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