The Mt. Toubkal Circuit: Trekking Morocco’s Highest Peak

Trekking Morocco tours encompass several natural features of the country.  There are a number of sections in Morocco to explore from the Rif Mountains to the High Atlas Mountains.  The High Atlas Mountains are exceptional for their high summits, hidden waterfalls, and villages.  Within this region is the Toubkal circuit, which runs along the Lac DíIfni. This circuit can last from two to more days, taking you around and up N. Africa’s highest peak!


Majestic peaks and views to remember will welcome you when you take the trekking Morocco tour along this circuitous route.  A benefit of this particular route is getting to experience the village life firsthand.  Your tour operator will help you supply the tents and camping gear needed for this trek.  There are some village and mountain refuges, but on the whole you will need to camp out.  Camping out on the trek offers you a better idea of what the life is really like.   The night before summiting, however, you can book a bed at the Neltner Base Camp Refuge. 


The Toubkal circuit is not for the fainthearted.  Instead, it requires you to be in great shape and ready for the higher altitudes you will visit.  Such a strenuous trek should include a couple of hours to rest throughout the day, and perhaps even an extra rest day to spend in the villages.  


If the circuitous route is not an option for you there is a two day trip.  This two day trip hikes you up Toubkal from Imlil, onwards to the summit and down the next day.  The particular route we are talking about here is a longer one.  The route rests above 2000 meters and can reach 3000 meters at certain intervals.  To reach the summit of Toubkal it takes five days to acclimate yourself to the region.  On the sixth day of the trip you will reach the very top of the Toubkal peak.  The summer is the best time to head up to the summit as there is no longer any snow to get in your way.  


The circle trip takes seven to nine days in total.  You will travel 60.2 kilometers.  You begin at Imlil and will return at the same village.  The height of Toubkal is 4167 meters.  While on the trek you will see lush landscapes, some cultivated valleys, and Berber villages with the peaks rising above them.  While up on the rocky terrain you will have chances to look down at the villages and valleys.  


As you take the route some of the villages you will encounter are Sidi Chamharouch and Tizi ní Tagharat.  Azib Tifni is also on the route.  If you which you can skip Tizi ní Taddate, which takes you to Tazaghart Village.  If the trek is not long enough for you it can be extended to other sections of the High Atlas Mountains.  For example, the Tazaghart Plateau is another day of trekking.  From this point you are able to look over at the villages.  The terrain will change as you hike up and around.  Some areas are reddish sand, while others are green as far as the eye can see.  In these greener areas it is possible to see monkeys and other wildlife.  


The Mt. Toubkal Circuit: Trekking Morocco’s Highest Peak

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