The Most Popular Cities in Morocco

If you are looking for a superb holiday climate, golf courses, untouched sandy beaches, picturesque fishing and mountain villages, than you should think about Morocco. Morocco is a beautiful country, with its ancient towns, coastal resorts and snowy peaks. This North African kingdom boasts 1,400 miles of coastline, year-round sunshine and an open invitation to tourists and investors all over the world.

It is the major cities where capital growth has been at its highest – most notably, Casblanca, Fes, Marrakech and Tangier. Areas along the Mediterranean coast are expected to be the next boom – prices for Morocco property are currently very low.

Casablanca’s strategic location has made it Morocco’s largest port and the country’s economic capitol. It has been called the gateway to North Africa, and as such attracted interest from the major European powers in the early 20th century. Casablanca is an icon of Arabian mystery and ancient beauty crated in luxury. Spread across a massive expanse of land Casablanca is embraced by four adjacent compounds, with villas that offer residents the most modern and comforting amenities that redefine the art of living and capture the next generation in comfort. The designs, colors and landscaping represent attention to detail – personified. This Casablanca property with its designer apartments and gorgeous locations, provides a unique experience and glorious views with sunshine all year long.

Another beautiful city is Marrakech (Marrakesh), it is the second largest city in Morocco. Marrakech is situated in south west Morocco at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The city is known as the Red City after the magnificent red fortifications that surround it. Marrakech has an exotic traditional atmosphere and is home to the largest square in Africa, namely the “Djemaa al Fna” which comes alive during the day with acrobats, water sellers, dancers and musicians and by night becomes a huge outdoor restaurant, with numerous food stalls selling traditional Moroccan cuisine. Most Marrakech property inside, are decked out in traditional fittings, with arches and fountains prominent; although several foreign owners of property in Marrakech are now taking a more modern approach. Indeed, of the 400 riad-hotels that the Moroccan tourist board says exist in the medina, around 30% are foreign owners of the Marrakech properties. On the whole, this has been a recent trend – a small, unrenovated riad in Marrakech would have cost around 300,000 Moroccan dirham (€25,000) in 1998, whereas today the same Marrakech riad would fetch closer to a million dirham and three million if tastefully refurbished.

And also don’t forget about Mediterranea Saidia, which aims to be an entirely self-sufficient five star holiday resort, with all the beach, sports and leisure facilities of any self-respecting up-market resort of the 21st century. Saidia property located close to Mediterrania – Saidia’s marina and waterfront promenades will have a number of facilities within its tropical including three fresh and sea water lagoon-style swimming pools, a Moroccan-themed spa and thalassotherapy center, a gymnasium and fitness center, as well as three bars and three themed restaurants. Also planned are a conference and banqueting center, and a children’s club.

After knowing Morocco better you will never forget beautiful landscaped gardens, surrounded by a bird reserve with marshes, woodlands and breathtaking white sandy beaches.

Layla White, researcher for clients looking for property in Morocco.

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