Ryan Leslie – Addiction ft. Cassie, Fabolous

Music video by Ryan Leslie performing Addiction. (C) 2008 Casablanca Music, LLC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music video by MIKA performing Relax, Take It Easy. (C) 2006 Casablanca Music, LLC

35 comments to Ryan Leslie – Addiction ft. Cassie, Fabolous

  • platicopuro  says:

    cassiee?? xD

  • mxwelll2001  says:

    Toooo skinny! damn I hope teenage girls dont want to be that way! Ielggg

  • playgurl4dayear  says:

    2:22 she has gotten too skinny ๐Ÿ™

  • MIMI232  says:

    She looks like she needs a sandwhich! Make that two! Damn she’s skinny!

  • delisseva  says:

    where the fuck is cassie

  • mimi42428  says:

    @MXXX3R you have never been to africa and its obvious. lol
    bye and i wish you to broaden your mind to what the world really has to offer and not what your country america chooses to show you. bye

  • MXXX3R  says:

    @mimi42428 I go to Africa like errday… They all look like models there! for national geographic… but still, its something.

  • mimi42428  says:

    @MXXX3R why dont you actually visit africa and experience it and then come and talk. until then your ignorance is puzzling.

  • mimi42428  says:

    @MXXX3R ahahahahhaa i take it you have never been to africa then huh?! dont be fooled by the so called charity video they show to make yourself feel better about your life. they couldne be more wrong.

  • MXXX3R  says:

    @mimi42428 yes please : ) Africa is in the lead so far I’d say…

  • mimi42428  says:

    @MXXX3R ahahahahahahahah you must be mad. do you want the whole world to develop eating disorders?

  • mimi42428  says:

    why is cassie not in this? i bet diddy banned her ass from going anywhere near this vid lol. she has become diddy’s little sidepiece. money talks lol. she is gorgeous and can have anyone and she chooses to be with that ugly egotistical prick.what a dumb b*****. wake up cassie

  • mimi42428  says:

    @undiiii omg i totally agree. that is not attractive what so ever

  • dudewithalaptop  says:

    @undiiii that chinese bitch singing you’re my addiction is much more of a turn-off than that other girl’s small ass

  • TheServiceWeb  says:


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  • chicksw50  says:

    cassie the creeper lol

  • MsShom  says:

    @xPrincessMiMi Lolz ikr thts nasty as hell i feel srry for who eva kissed him


    ok, jaslene is way to skinny and why the asain girl!!!!

  • iDiorSmith  says:

    No racial but why is the japanesse people always the krazy killer one?

  • stzness  says:

    @AmandaANDJanet she took her ponytail out at 2:35.

  • MonroseUS  says:

    jaslene is too skinny ๐Ÿ™

  • likewords4  says:

    i wanted cassie to be in this

  • PopPrincess714  says:

    this makes me want to go to europe so bad

  • AddictedToMusic96  says:

    My volume is so addicted of Mika`s voice that it goes high everytime I play this song <3


    AMAZING nuff said <3

  • 1felp  says:

    Boa mรบsica! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • MsBvbrulez  says:

    is there a love button?

  • pingorotudaza  says:

    his voice is perfect and impressive !!!

  • Joshuakoekoktong  says:

    where does he find all that energy?!

  • 000martha  says:

    epic performance!:D

  • pi3095  says:

    I want to go to a Mika concert so bad!!

  • gp167  says:

    so good

  • CrafterRuneGuide  says:

    sounds like michael jackson when he goes “ehhh”. Lol.

  • live4music49  says:

    Man he’s amazing

  • ziper2400  says:

    Crimen Sollicitationis

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