Reasons That Will Persuade You to Plan A Luxury Holidays in Africa

Reasons That Will Persuade You to Plan A Luxury Holidays in Africa

Not sure where to plan your luxury holidays this year? Find out about Africa’s top destinations, if you are an adventure lover, want to get mesmerized by the beauty of nature, love trekking, diving, food and luxury. Being the most fascinating continent and of course the second largest, Africa is a place of immense diversity. With so many beautiful places to explore, a luxury South Africa holiday is ideal for those with a taste for adventure and love living surreal experiences. Check out the reasons that are sure to persuade you to plan luxury holidays in Africa this year.

The Garden Route in Africa includes one of the most fascinating stretches of coastline, the starting point of which is continually contested as towns such as Witsand, Stilbaai and Albertinia join the route. The mountains crowd close to a shoreline dotted with beaches and bays, and brilliantly coloured wild flowers delight the eye. Between Heidelberg and Storms River, the Garden Route runs equivalent to a seashore featuring lakes, tall indigenous forests, mountains, amber -coloured rivers and golden beaches.


Book luxury tailor made holidays to enjoy the mysterious wildlife of Africa. By opting for luxury safari holidays you are to view close up, of truly wild animals including the Big 5 namely lions, leopards, elephants, rhino and buffalo along with various other species including hippos, giraffe and zebra. Enjoy African jeep safari, elephant safari and tiger safari.

The reason why travelers get fascinated after every visit to Africa is the diving activity with Sharks. There are two dive sites along the KwaZulu Natal coastline that offer the best shark diving opportunities in the world. Book luxury tailor made holidays to Africa to encounter Bottlenose Dolphins, Game Fish, Manta Rays, and a range of sharks including Ragged-Tooth, Tiger and Hammerhead Sharks.

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