9 comments to Q&A #9- Can The Shield Be The New APA, Team Rhodes Scholars

  • own1997  says:

    Which 3 guys in the WWE do you reckon will have the bigger breakout stars?? Thanks in advance

  • RAWisHARISTUDE  says:

    SNOOP? LIoN!!!

  • mjp24182  says:

    Q&A What do you think about WWE management saying that Cesaro is boring??

  • GoRainzy  says:

    Who would you have Punk feud? with upon his return and would you have Punk as a face or heel?

  • Sachida Nand  says:

    Great job Mad Genius!!! Your insights are really deep and informative about WWE.?

  • undertakerwwf1998  says:

    Q&A Who are your top 5 wrestlers? in TNA?

  • Devon Wilson  says:

    Q&A Would WWE book a Cena/Taker match at Mania and have Cena win? clean over Taker to try to put him over?

  • LennyJawns21  says:

    Q&A Is the WWE racist (african? americans, england born wrestlers, etc.)?

  • LennyJawns21  says:

    if you were? building a promotion, which wwe/tna wrestler would you build it around?

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