Personal Matchmaking Agencies

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Personal Matchmaking Agencies

Most introduction agencies, have an ‘ ‘ where people from all walks of life are able to join, become a member, be part of an in-house data-base of singletons WITHOUT the agency needing to for people Single is all they need to be to join. So yes there may be some professionals, but also blue collar workers.

Because of the diverse MIX of singles joining most members will be sent a list of profiles to peruse that fit a similar age range, although IF female and OVER 40 you will be sent much older men, and that coulld mean up to 20-25 years older – YES, I have had females from other agencies saying this was the biggest problem.

To be able to MATCHMAKE accurately you have to have the right mix of singles for your members or clients, otherwise it’s more of a case of sending a name on a list to put an introduction in front of the client.

Example: ” A Barrister, Investment banker, economist, someone who has had a public school education, or someone who’s been to finishing school in Switzeralnd will have little in the way of a similar background, education, aspirations or lifestyle with a butcher, baker, shop assistant, office worker or fireman.

So a professional matchmaker takes all this into account and ONLY presents introductions with people who have a similar background, lifestyle, ethos for life and of course relationship goal. Such a service will NEVER attempt to put a highly successful female barrister with a fireman or someone who has had a manual job, but now owns his own building business, even though the latter has clearly demonstrated a more dynamic approach to work and probably earning as much as the barrister. It has been proven for long term relationships to work, both parties have to had similar life experiences, as in family background, education, social aspirations to core values on religion and politics.

Keep in mind when choosing an agency how importnat these factors would be to you, and IF they are, ensure you do your research before engaging an agency, ask if they match to such specifics, also ask what the ratio of females to males they IF it’s a membership agency – if they headhunt, ratios are irrelevant, as they are bringing people forward.

Jill Rhodes-Harvey
Rhodes-Harvey Introductions

Dating and Relationship Consultant – Published Author- Previous dating advisor with BBC radio and voluntary relationship counsellor.

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