oh bo. — new CD out now!

NEW TOUR FALL 2010 tickets here: tinyurl.com NEW CD HERE: itunes.apple.com DVD and CD also available in stores. CD is only .99 at Target for the first week! music and lyrics by me hittin a club up, VIP a got a fake moustache and fake ID i look like wooly willy with a really wooly willy and i bypass the bouncer, pass by an ex and i flex and bounce her, wowzers look at all of bo’s hoes, looking for a ride on bo’s hose and i spot a little latina, booty so big call it oprah’s ego, we go do it, through it she says “dios mio mi amigo!” pull it out, stick it in your mouth, and i bust in the back of ya, swallow bitch! there’s people starving in africa. single every single day, do it every single way make the single ladies say, oh bo. and if i were gay, though i swear i’m straight i’d make the fellas say, oh bo. you’re an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top, but careful, cherry, cause i’m the king of pop, pop, pop pop goes my weasel, now you look like Jackson Pollock’s easel. my suggestion is, you don’t blow til you know what congestion is, swallow when you know what digestion is, follow bo, the only question is – have you been splattered before by the mad hatter matador? cake batter, nevermore, it don’t matter whether you’re spanish, french, swedish or cambodian i’ll slime you so hard you could be on nickelodeon. chorus. you think that you can handle me, girl don’t make me laugh my junk is bipolar, it’ll split you in half. and if you’re lucky, i might just bring you home, and

21 comments to oh bo. — new CD out now!

  • ggkill21  says:

    @scottman20000 I wouldn’t bother telling you where i live for one, and also, welfare is for those who NEED it, which my family doesn’t, and actually..i have a girlfriend. So…yeah, this conversation is done, i don’t see the reasoning in fighting with someone whos intelligence is less than mine. Goodbye, enjoy the rest of your impudent life.

  • ginger2232  says:

    hes very itelectual with his linguistics apreciated greatly

  • lankyarmedorangutan  says:

    it takes skill to pick of one pin in a huge horde of em

  • doriiiro  says:

    wow pretty? good.. nice work!

  • Kristenfrancesca  says:

    some of the lyrics underneath this video are incorrect. i’d be happy to correct them.
    btw bo burnam is the best! straight wordplay, no gimmicks, just lyricism. 😉

  • KYFAunleased  says:

    A real fan is always watching this persons videos no matter what quality it is!

  • guildgold9  says:

    1 – Yay, I love it <3

  • llis9447  says:

    4:37 nice ass crack

  • MsGalllll  says:

    Swallow when you know what digestion is!

  • ColtonButz123  says:

    Hey yo, what’s that girl’s number? I wanna pop her single like a pringle. If you know what I mean haha.

  • hippiesoxfan5  says:

    I look like wooly willy with a really wooly willy…


    that girl is in an epic meal time vid! 😀 awesome song haha

  • songfiend  says:

    I can’t help but wonder the length and diameter of his penis.

  • songfiend  says:

    2:44 “Bitch.” lol

  • 777wafflelover  says:

    575 people r on nickelodeon

  • keylimecupcake1998  says:

    I worship Bo

  • MsGalllll  says:

    Oh Bo, play that oboe!

  • MsH3at  says:

    white t-pain

  • z2a4c  says:

    swallow bitch! there’s people starving in africa!!
    love it!

  • 591DrJackson195  says:

    Keep doing what your doing!

  • chrichri105  says:

    Did anyone see that tongue when he licked the bowling ball, imagine the possibilities *-*

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