Off Plan Property In Morocco

Morocco must be one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. I entered the country by way of Tangiers, a bustling mediterranean town famous for its louche denizens during the 1930’s. Paul Bowles, the American author famous for The Sheltering Sky said of the place :

“If Morocco had been then as it is now, I should have spent the summer and gone away, probably not to return. But Morocco in 1931 provided an inexhaustible succession of fantastic spectacles.”

Morocco still has a charm and beauty of its own. As you continue southwards into the heart of Morocco you can reach the stunning town of Fez. At first glimpse Fez appears to be no more than another dilapidated outpost in the desert. however, if you persevere into the heart of the old town you will discover the most amazing labyrinthine passages and the many secrets within.

Yet further south is Marrakesh, this jewel contains a large walled town and the Djeema El Fna – this is the square and marketplace in the heart of the Medina. During the day there is a gentle bustle of business. In the evening a malestrom of music, shouts, snake charmers and fires create a melee of Arabian mystery about the place.

My journey to me eventually over the Atlas mountains to the scenic resort of Agadir. At first it looks like ( and no doubt was ) any normal Moroccan town, however, once you make your way to the seafront you realise that this is a modern resort with a beautiful sandy beach.

Sitting in one of the many cafe’s which run the course of the coastal road I decided to buy a place here, I had heard about Off Plan Investments for a while, via some friends in the UK, and though that this vast and beautiful country would be a great place to start my property portfolio. We may be living in hard times, but I had some money and this seemed like the best way to spend it.

So, returning to the UK I looked for an off plan adviser, and quicly was impressed at Ready2Invest ( They offer a wide range of options from many countries – but Morocco was the only place I was going to consider. What is more – property prices are still increasing in Morocco – making an off plan investment a very attractive proposition. Off plan property investment in Morocco allows one to purchase pre construction and hence, make both a saving for yourself, whilst aiding the developer with its development costs.

Well, I now have my name down on a small place not too far from the sea and within relatively easy reach of some stunning mountains and Agadir’s – Morocco is the place for me…

I like cheese and wine and not in any particlar order

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