Nice Maroc photos

Check out these maroc images:

Abandoned Barracks
Image by Yassine Abbadi
Old abandoned colonial Spanish barracks, known as "Regulares".

in the waves
Image by mhobl

10 days to leave for our #progettofolle01
Image by Antonio Cinotti ?
On September 20 we will leave with our KTM bike to Morocco to realize our #progettofolle01, a project to help an italian ONG, "Bambini nel Deserto", to realize a water plant in Erg Chebbi, Merzouga.

10 gironi a partire per il nostro #progettofolle01, un viaggio in moto in Marocco per realizzare un impianto idrico nel deserto dell’Erg Chebbi a Merzouga, con un progetto per una ONLUS italiana, Bambini nel Deserto!

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