Nice Casablanca photos

Some cool casablanca images:

They both served Canada
Image by Jamie McCaffrey
During a recent vacation to Morocco, I made a side trip to the Carres Militaires du Cimetiere Europeen de Ben M’Sick, in Casablanca. The final resting place for thousands of French, Allied and German soldiers. Including, seven airmen of the RCAF and a Canadian war correspondent, in the employ of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Seen here are the headstones for Sergeant Edward Bowery, RCAF; and Edouard Baudry a war correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). The plaque on Baudry’s grave was arranged by the CBC just prior to my trip and it was my honour to place it on their behalf. It is believed that Baudry is the only Canadian journalist, from World War II, buried overseas.

Maroc, dans une rue de Casablanca, vers 1950 enfant à vélo
Image by Jeanne Menj
Maroc, dans une rue de Casablanca, vers 1950 enfant à vélo. Jean-Louis Menjoulet

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