Namibia Burns

Some cool africa images:

Namibia Burns
Image by Massmo Relsig
Inspired by and dedicated to Josef, with thanks and in great respect to his work!

Larme, par Franck Vervial
Image by Franck Vervial
Malagasy 2011
All criticism is welcome, tx.
Be reassured, unlike the appearances this was not a big sadness. It was a little children upset, just after I show her the photograph, she laughed ans the sadness went away as fast it came.

Madagascar 2011
Toute critique est bienvenu, merci.
Rassurez-vous, malgré les apparences ce n’était pas un gros chagrin. C’était une petite colère d’enfant, juste après je lui ai montré la photo, elle a rit et le chagrin est parti aussi vite qu’il est arrivé.

Camps Bay – Cape Town
Image by neilalderney123
One from when I visited Camps Bay in Cape Town with Flickr buddy Panorama_Paul .
This was the BEST Sunset outing I have ever had!
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See where this picture was taken. [?]

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