morroco/ visiting for the first time?

Question by Tiacola needs plastic surgery: morroco/ visiting for the first time?
and more details this time. i have asked last week but i hope to get more answers.

we have been planning this visits for long time. so i need an expert tourist or resident to give us personal advice. not based on books.
is 2 weeks enough? where should go? what time of the year.
any recommendation for hotels for each city will great.


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Answer by wywy
I am Moroccan.
2 weeks is enough.
in marrakech: le merdien or sheraton
Agadir: the beach club is great.
If you are adventurous, you can try the camel in the south, where you take a trip on a camel. never done but know people who did.
Personally, I loooove Agadir. You should go in May.
I would avoid Casablanca. If you want to buy something, just haggle, and never carry your purse loosely, put your money in different places.
Anyway, Morocco is a great country and Moroccans are very nice and generous people. They will welcome you, just treat them withrespect.
Oh, and don’t forget to carry toilet paper with you if you plan on using public restrooms. You’re gonna love the food there.

Have a nice trip.

Lindsey should get the best answer. You have see n more than me. I lived there for 24 years and still didn’t see much of what you saw. I totally forgot about the mosque Hassan 2 in Casablanca. Yes. That’s a must!

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  • Lindsey G  says:

    I second wywy’s response and would like to add to it. I’m American, but I’ve traveled extensively through Morocco and my fiance’s Moroccan with a brother who’s a tour guide there. So I feel qualified to answer this question. The only thing I disagree with wywy on is Casablanca. While it’s true that you don’t need to spend a lot of time there, plan on one day so that you can visit the Hassan II Mosque. It’s the second largest mosque in all of Islam, and everything except for the Murano glass that comes from Venice was carted from various parts of Morocco to build the beautiful structure. It’s quite stunning, particularly on the inside. But there isn’t really much else to see there. As for the rest, my first trip there, I went for almost 3 weeks, and I didn’t think it was long enough. But there is time for you to see a great deal of the country in 2 weeks if you plan carefully.

    In Rabat, you should see the Mohamed V Mausoleum and the Kasbah Oudaias with its stunning views and lovely gardens. This is the capital city, so you’ll also want to at least travel past the Palace since it’s the main one used by the King Mohamed VI. You can see all this in one day, too, on your way from Casa to Fes. I recommend 2 days in Fes. It’s such a wonderful city. It has two parts (the old and the new cities). The old city, or medina, in Fes is the largest of any in Morocco with almost 10,000 streets inside it. Check out the second largest gate in Africa, have a camel burger at one of the grills in the medina, visit a Qur’anic school in the medina, visit the granary, see the palace, visit a ceramic factory and take a tour, visit the rug co-op (but buy at your own peril), check out the leather tannery and haggle for a belt or shoes, let yourself get lost in the medina, then have fun finding your way out. On your way out of this magnificent city, make a stop at Volubilis for a quick tour. I recommend an overnight in the desert. For this, go to Merzouga and take a camel trek for the night into the Sahara. Make sure you wake up early enough to climb the biggest dune around and watch the sun rise–I promise you won’t regret it. Make your way into the Todra Gorge after that and get yourself on a hiking tour through the gorge. This will likely be your most grueling day, but it’s well worth the effort! I recommend going through Ouarzazate and stopping for a tour of the movie sets then spending the night in Ait Benhaddou. Before you leave the next day, take a tour through the old city (this is where they filmed the coloseum scenes from Gladiator, by the way). You’ll want to pay the boys with the donkeys the couple of dirhams to get across the water, though. I’d go to Imlil next and stay in a gite. Spend a day hiking into the mountains (with a guide, of course). It’s absolutely stunning there. Then make your way to Essaouira. Stay a couple days here if you can… it’s a great place to catch your breath and relax with some GREAT seafood and an incredible “no worries” atmosphere. This is where the best silver and woodwork are done, too. So try to visit the co-ops if you can. Go to the ramparts where the canons face the ocean and walk along it at sunset. Look out at the island/sandbar that inspired Jimi’s Castles Made of Sand, and definitely hit the beach for an afternoon if you can. Also, if you can find it, try to go to the auction–interesting experience. I’d finish up in Marrakech. You’ll probably want 3 days there. You’ll want to see the Jardin Majorelle (where Yves St. Laurent’s remains are). It’s a beautiful enclosed garden, and as soon as you walk through the doors, it’s like a whole other world. Spend some time at Jma el Fnaa Square (both during the day and at night). In the daytime, it’s filled with snake charmers and acrobats and monkeys. At night, there are open air restaurants–number 21 is excellent!

    There are all kinds of amazing things you can do in all of these places, and there are definitely other places that shouldn’t be missed. But maybe since you’re only going for two weeks, you should hold off on the others until the next trip. If you’re a road warrior, though, take a day trip to the Ouzoud Cascades from Marrakech. It will take you the whole day, but it’s worth it if you have time. I know it sounds like a whole lot for two weeks, but all this can be done with careful planning. Hope this helps… have a blast!!!!

  • Belle W  says:

    I have visited Morocco only once with my grannie, uncle, sister and brother.

    We stayed at the beach club in Agadir which really is a fab hotel for any needs, lovely pool too!

    2 weeks is just enough, we went for 2 weeks and after one I felt like we had loads more to do, and after 2 I was just starting to want to go home.

    We went in February half term…this meant that it wasn’t REALLY hot but it was hot and when by the beach there’s a cool breeze. It also means the touristic places are not dreadfully crowded.

    Have a fab time – I loved it and wish I could go again!


  • jlgraham31  says:

    We stayed in the riu tikida beach in agadir in september. Excellent hotel, great staff. Lovely temperature in september with a nice breeze coming off the sea.

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