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Morocco should rise significant federal funding on Morocco jobs programmes for Moroccans with English educational backgrounds in order to limit the impact of the migration of well educated young Moroccans, the generation of future-skepticism if I may call it. Given much attention to the Francophone job market the Anglophone job market lacks equal attention. This may require some reallocation of federal funding towards Anglophone employment programmes in Morocco.

Despite the cheering signs of economic growth, the outlook for Anglophone profiles in the Moroccan job market might remain unfavorable apparently. A statistical survey had been conducted in 2005 by a number of English University students in Morocco for their End of study project. The outcome of the survey revealed 20% of graduates from English departments worked in completely different fields like French call centers and commerce shops in Francophone (French Speaking) companies, 10% chose the teaching career but a few became English tutors and teachers, 40% remained unemployed, and almost 30% left the country; many of which headed to Canada and European countries. This survey reveals how poor the demand for English profiles is like and shows the need for Morocco jobs programmes to reduce the Anglo unemployment rate.

The morocco jobs is a suggestive employment plan that should be “bilateral” (Anglo & Franco) to sparkle the Moroccan job market that has significantly had a remarkable landslide in the last couples of years, and yet still unbalanced. Moreover the short-term priority must be given to the Moroccan English job market at risk to avoid the long-term blotched phase of a generation of unemployment.

Can’t always point the finger at the government because of the unavailability of jobs for English profiles though! Can we? Well yes we can I guess!! Businesses must play its part in creating Morocco jobs but the government has to play a bigger role and act quickly to extend financial support and appealing tax break plans to entice American and British companies to establish businesses in Morocco. This way the job market will sparkle with great demand of English profiles for Morocco jobs and the job market will progressively become “bilaterally” balanced.

All in all, the Moroccan federal government should focus its efforts on programmes like Morocco jobs to reduce unemployment rate in general. They should revise their financial plans and give appealing tax breaks for English companies that would promise to employ significant numbers of Moroccans in a Morocco jobs employment plan. This has been said, I strongly believe that the future of employment in Morocco is promising. Some more efforts will pay off and value the Morocco job plan.

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